My Week in Pictures 4.24.20

This weekend I’ve realized that lately, my biggest source of inspiration is hands-down the sun. So grateful for nice, warm days where we can enjoy some time outdoors. There’s really nothing like a perfect spring/summer day in San Francisco!

Okay, I love putting these posts together now, this series really did need a little reinventing to get me back into the habit. I feel like they encapsulate the mood and the memories made, so looking back on them in the future will be so fun! It’s also inspiring me to video more snippets and experiment which has been something I’ve really enjoyed immersing myself into.


On Friday we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and had a picnic at the park with Scout. We went to our favorite little market (Blue Fog) and sat on the grass for a bit while Scout played. It was the perfect way to ease into weekend mode. We had a pretty mellow evening, puzzle-ing (finally finished, praise) with vino and music, pizza arrived in time for some of our shows, and called it an early night.


On Saturday I woke up feeling so inspired (honestly think it’s the new bedding that is giving me life!) so I worked for a few hours (updated some of my shops and decided to create a more extensive home shop this week, which is my plan this afternoon!). In the meantime, I created an Etsy Hunt shop if you want to take a peek! I also updated My Apartment board on Pinterest since lately I’ve been getting lots of questions about home goods.

That afternoon we sat on our roof for a little bit to get some sun and then decided to make cocktails. I’ve been meaning to do a little tutorial on my very favorite, the Hugo Spritz! We discovered it on our honeymoon last summer and it’s just the best. The most refreshing and delicious cocktail (elderflower is my weakness).

That night, San Francisco had the most beautiful color explosion sunset. It had been a while, so we sat up on the roof for a little bit, it was insane. Later on, we started a new show on Apple TV called Defending Jacob, so good, by the way!


We had a lazy Sunday and it felt great. Made breakfast (banana bread cookies!), sent out my newsletter, meal prepped (we got our Real Good Greens produce box and it’s amazing!), opened Scribe pét-nat while watching tv, caught up with family on House Party, and then made dinner.

P.S. I promised I would share our fish taco recipe this week so stay tuned! I planned to share this weekend but we had some trouble getting ingredients to make it again so it will be going up on Thursday or Friday. It’s so good, you’ll love it!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! xx



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