My Week in Pictures 5.15.20

18 May

Each year I always think to myself how time seems to fly by faster than the one before. I’m actually surprised at how fast the last few months have sped by though considering our circumstances! I can’t believe we are more than two months deep into quarantine. It has been quite a rollercoaster…

This has all just been such a weird/unique experience and I have found that I really have to take things week by week. It’s kind of like one phase after the next. Quite often a new challenge presents itself and I navigate through unknown territory until I feel more comfortable, and then something else arises. We’re all just learning as we go!

I realized that I have been in so much more of a nesting mode than I’ve been in a long time because I need this space around me to give me clarity and keep me inspired. I haven’t been posting as much as usual on my blog because of this, but I am ready to get back on track! Especially now that all of my cabinets and storage closets are perfectly clean (I can think! lol), our home is finally getting to a point where it’s feeling complete and full of things that bring us joy, which has been my goal.

So anyway, I just thought I would catch you up on happenings since I’ve been a little quieter! I’m back. 🙂

This weekend was the best we’ve had thus far! We live in a small building with only 4 units–one is used as an office so is vacant right now, a couple above us and their doodle who we’ve become friends with, and someone is moving in across the hall soon. On Thursday we decided to do a social-distanced happy hour with our neighbors in the hallway and let the pups play. It was the first time we hung out with anyone and it felt really good. I feel like we’re in a place in time now where we’ll be able to slowly open the circle a bit as long as you trust that everyone is being safe.


Friday we decided to do the same! We opened Sinegal rosé for happy hour in our apartment hallway, a quick FaceTime catch-up with good friends, and proceeded with our normal pizza night with wine club vino, watched a couple of our shows, and got an early night sleep. Fridays give me life!


I had been really looking forward to our plan Saturday and it did not disappoint! We decided to drive up to our wine club Alpha Omega to pick up our wine club bottles, grabbed lunch and a bottle of rosĂ© from R+D Kitchen (one of our faves!), and sat at Veteran’s Park in Yountville. It was so lovely!

We decided we are going to do this on the weekends from here on out. A way to reset and breathe new life into our spirits and continue to support our favorites up there. It obviously wasn’t the typical experience but it felt really nice to be up there. Wine country will start to open in a couple of weeks by appointment only and in a strategical and safe manner for wine tastings… can’t wait. More to come soon!


Another relaxing, lovely day. I really needed a weekend like this one. We woke up, read, made breakfast, I got my newsletter out and then we opened our back door and sat in the sun. Sunshine has been my medicine lately so hoping there’s more of it to come this week! We opened Scribe sparkling chardonnay and ordered a healthy takeout lunch. Food prepped for the week, had a healthy salmon dinner with avocado, and lazed around the rest of the day.

Living in my Rachel Pally linen dress (and love it teamed with my Anine Bing sweatshirts!)…

Obsession, Santa Maria Novella rose mist spray.

A new vintage crystal catchall dish from Etsy! In case you’re wondering. I am obsessed…

Hope you have a great week! x

latest shopping finds…