This weekend was just the best. One of those weekends you leave behind with a big smile on your face. Full of inspiration, laughs, quality time with friends and family. I felt so full come Sunday evening (both literally and figuratively). I hope to have many more of these days in 2020 because that’s what life is all about. Living it up and excited to look back on memories made.

On Friday, as you may know, Matt and I watched the Taylor Swift documentary with pizza and a bottle of wine. It was, as expected, so so good. I mentioned (after wine… after vino, I get v passionate about topics lol) that I would elaborate on why she means so much to me, so here we are, I am sticking to my word. I’ve been a fan of hers since the very beginning. She’s inspired me in so many different ways. I have always loved her music and have vivid, fond memories… driving in my first car blasting ‘Tim McGraw’, sticking with her when she transitioned to pop which I was skeptical about at first, watching her grow up in the spotlight so composed, and the most impactful part… witnessing someone share their insanely talented gift with the world. Besides my wedding, going to her Reputation tour was one of the best nights of my life. Watching someone in their element like that is hard to put into words, but I’ll never forget it.

I mentioned in this post, how when I am feeling inspired and moved by something, I feel the most empowered and it leaves me with this mentality that I can do anything and nothing is impossible. I realized this week leading up to her documentary how much she has been my mentor. I don’t really have many people I look up to in a creative way, but she’s always been that person for me. Her story is proof that she’s doing what she was born to do, starting from such a young age. Her passion shines through everything she does and there’s NOTHING more inspiring to me than that. She’s next level as of late, too! Making her own rules, listening to her gut, and doing things her own way.

Her work and journey along the way has brought me to tears, goosebumps, and has encouraged me to bring my own dreams to life. She’s just an absolute icon and I’m forever a fan! I highly recommend watching to documentary and letting her into your life (if she isn’t already)! She is pure magic.

Okay, so anyway, on to the weekend! Saturday morning a few of my girlfriends and I drove up to Windsor/Healdsburg area for the night (my friend Sarah’s family owns Bricoleur Vineyards) and it was so much fun. They are currently private/tastings by appointment only, but will be opening to the public next month! The property is absolute magic. So much beauty: beautiful blooms and greenery, veggie and fruit gardens, ponds, a brand new (almost done) barn/tasting room/chef’s table… and of course, delicious wine. I am heading up in early April so I will be sure to give you a little BTS of the property then! It’s pretty special.

We got to the property that afternoon, dropped our bags off, and then headed over to one of my favorites, Macrostie, for a wine tasting. Always such an amazing time, the best wines and the venue itself is gorgeous. After a couple of hours spent in the sun and sipping vino, we headed back to Bricoleur and sat by the pool with snacks and relaxed before a crab feed we went to that evening.

Ever since my bachelorette last year, I’ve decided that ladies’ wine country trips are majorly necessary for me. They are an absolute blast. Making this more of a thing going forward!

Thank you to my friends who accept me for my T Swift-isms (her song “ME!” dropped the day of my bachelorette, and the doc came out the day before this ladies’ weekend, so it was quite the theme for both lol).

Hope you had a great weekend as well xx

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