Hi! How are we? I hope you had the best weekend and are enjoying the start to fall! I always say I am going to get better at reviving my longest-living blog series, Weekend Notes, but always struggle keeping up with it for some reason these days. It used to be my most consistent blog posts! I was thinking about it as I put this one together, and I realized a couple of reasons why it got moved to the backburner a bit.

Well firstly, as I get older the more I tend to do the same sort of things and so I don’t want to bore you with repetitive content. Aka we usually only adventure one day a weekend, as we like to utilize our family time by relaxing at home, cooking, taking walks, etc on Sunday. You already well know our Friday ritual.

Second, I feel like for a long time Instagram’s ways robbed me of my joy of photo taking. I think after a few years into it, I started to overthink what I share. Is this photo good enough? Does it add value? etc. etc. But, I’ve come to learn over the last year or so, that you just gotta do you. Which is why you may notice I focus way more on my blog and sharing blog updates and life snippets via stories. I’m currently content with my social cadence because I do what I feel and I think that works for me? Praise be.

I didn’t take many photos this weekend on account of having a lot of fun with Matt and Scout, but I want to share more of these in-between moments of our life like I used to. The imperfect moments and captures included. I love looking back on them, and I love connecting with you more and letting you into our life a bit!

So, promise that I will post next week and try and keep this series steady. I also need to start picking up my camera more, I’ve been super lazy with it. I blame towing it around with us all of Italy… but yeah, more to come soon.

In case you missed it, I shared a little home tour on Friday afternoon! I also chat through our current plans for our place, the things we love, and some of the home labels we love to follow and collect. I am a bit of a rookie when it comes to video, but it’s something I’ve always loved to do (used to make home videos all the time growing up!) and plan to bring more of that kind of content to BoC this next year. So hopefully that’s something you’re into!

This weekend was lovely. Friday night we had been counting down to because one of our favorite shows is finally back… Blacklist!!! If you don’t watch it, you must, it’s so good. We ordered our favorite pizza (le duh) and opened a wine club bottle, you know how we do on Fridays and had ourselves a night. I really will never tire of this plan. A chill mellow Friday in, and fun Saturday plans to look forward to.

On Saturday we woke up early, took a family walk to coffee/matcha and then got ready to spend the day/night in wine country. We stopped by our wine club Alpha Omega in St. Helena for a tasting and to pick up some of our wine club shipments that we’ve been needing to snag and then drove over to Oakville Grocery for lunch. One of our faves… the sandwiches are so fresh and delicious. While we were there we grabbed snacks for a cheese board and dinner to make as we were staying at our friend’s home that night. After dropping our groceries and bags, we drove over to our other wine club Cuvaison. We just joined earlier this summer and we seriously love it there! The property is beautiful, the wine is so good (if you like Pinots, you MUST go. But all of their wines are fantastic), and the people are awesome, too. Always the best time there.

After our tasting, we headed to the house for snacks, music, bocce ball, and dinner. I really cherish these memories with Matt and Scout. We love our wine country weekend trips so much, they are always so relaxing and special. We drove back early the next day (because football…) and spent the day at home lazing around and getting some stuff done for the week ahead. I got to read a bit, take a bubble bath, order groceries and made a healthy dinner. Those ideal Sunday things.

In other news, I got that Mango sweater coat in the mail on Sunday and it’s so cute! It looks and feels so much more expensive than it is. I got a lot of questions about sizing (why are the sizing options so weird on this product!?), I went with the XXS. I took their size survey and heard from a few that the smallest options was the way to go and it’s perfect (I’m usually a small/2 or 4). I also got a few books in the mail! My friend Sophie inspired me to read several books at once so you can decide which to pick up based on your mood. How have I never thought of this… brilliant! I’m currently reading (and loving) The Heart’s Invisible Furies, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and Just Kids.

We have some fun plans next weekend (fleet week is here!), so more details (and I will be better about taking more photos…) to come next Monday! Have the best week xx

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This is my ideal weekend!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend and I love that coat!