Happy Leap Day! How was your weekend? Mine was a long one. I spent most of my Friday ransacking my closet again – I mentioned here how I wanted to go back in after my initial clean to do another sweep through and rid myself of things that go untouched. I finally feel so good about what I’ve come down to. I want to love everything in there and think it will help me to 1) make outfit choices easier and 2) it will help me better understand what things I’m missing or need to work on. There are a few more Style Edit posts coming this week, so stay tuned!

Saturday I went to Greens restaurant on the water with my good friend who was in town visiting. It’s walking distance to my apartment, and I always forget how enjoyable it is and how I need to make my way over there more often! I shared a view from our table here – sailboats and the Golden Gate just really do it for me. That evening Matt and I ran to the market to get wine, cheese, and stuff to make for dinner and planned to stay in and watch the Warriors game. Did you see that game, oh my goodness. I never rarely talk sports on here, but Steph Curry deserves a shout out. Please see here. That kid’s skills seriously gives me goosebumps.

Waking up on Sunday was a little rough – someone had herself too many glasses of wine over basketball. I had a brunch planned with another good friend and couldn’t pass up going to The Rotunda, even if I felt like the walking dead. I always feel so fancy brunching at Neiman’s and decided to treat myself to take the pain away. I had been eyeing a Céline bag for over a year, and since my birthday is coming up, I made the jump to full-time blog, and basically 570 other excuses I made up in my mind, and I bought her! #hangovercure. I got a couple more tops from CUSP that I am so excited to share with you this week as well.

I hope you have a wonderful day, friends! Fill up those coffee cups and get excited for tonight: BACH! xx



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