Weekend Moments 4.6.16

6 April

Hello! I’m back and feeling much better. I planned to take the weekend off after losing my creative mojo in the midst of a busy last week,  but I ended up waking up Saturday morning and feeling like myself again. With a cup of joe and my laptop open – I felt that rush of inspiration, the urge to write, and had a few hours before brunch with a girlfriend. I even decided to give myself an at-home facial, sat in a big comfy robe, dove into a couple of coffee table books, and typed away. I don’t typically treat myself to such a glam morning, but I have to admit, it was nice.

Matt was on a bachelor party in Whistler, so I had our place to myself to relax, reboot a bit, and spend some time with a few girlfriends. You may have seen snaps on Saturday – one of my best friends never uses snapchat, so we had ourselves a grand ole’ time with the filters, it’s typical of this to happen when someone has wine, just FYI. 🙂

In other news – the countdown to our new puppy is only a couple of months away! After speaking to our breeder over the weekend, we landed on a litter I’m extremely excited about. I know time will fly by and the day will come quickly, but I just can’t wait to have that little one in my arms. Matt and I have been talking about this since we started dating, and are both so thrilled, anxious, and grateful that we’re going to be able to bring home a doodle who we’re going to love beyond words. If you have any new puppy parent advice, please go ahead and send them my way.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and happy Monday! x

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Always love your weekend posts 🙂 Happy Monday!

Annie Reeves

Aw, thank you Annie. 🙂 LOVE your blog too.

Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend. What kind of puppy are you getting? We got Penny a few months ago and it’s been the best thing ever, she makes us so happy!

We’re getting an Australian Labradoodle! I fell in love with one 6 years ago when I would babysit for this family who had one in SF… we’re getting one from the same breeder – I can’t wait!

Congrats on the pup! We got a Whoodle over Christmas and it’s been the best. Biggest advice is trying to get the pup on a schedule (meal time, potty, kennel, potty); it really helps when it comes to potty training. Be sure you are only giving them a bladder-sized amount of water per time you want to take them out too. Also, spending the extra cash on a in-home a trainer a couple times was so worth it.

Thanks, Chelsea! I appreciate the tip so much, great advice! I can’t wait until the pup comes home. May be pinging this thread again with questions, haha. 😉 xx

Any time 🙂 I definitely aggressively texted every friend with a dog during the first couple months.

Haha, that’s amazing. I just hope we get past the crate thing quickly, I know that’s going to be heart-wrenching!

That part is hard, but luckily they get used to it quickly—and I’m so thankful we crate trained him now. I put the crate next to me the first week or so and would just put my arm down so he could smell or feel me if he was whining. That seemed to help! Anything that makes them feel like they aren’t alone 😉

So exciting! We brought home our Berner pup last summer and having a dog is the best. With that being said, the first few weeks were a little overwhelming. ? Apparently owning a dog as a child is not the same as raising one yourself (duh!). Do your research (especially about your specific breed) and definitely get on a schedule. Crate training is also probably the best thing we did. It is tough the first few nights and if you are a softie like me you will probably be sleeping on the floor by the crate at night. ? But now he enjoys it and we can also travel with him almost everywhere because he is crate trained. It also makes it easier to let friends puppy sit knowing he will be in a safe comfortable place (aka, he’s not up crying all night keeping them up). We also attended puppy classes which were more for us, but Bruce loved them and it was great socialization!

And lastly…be patient and know the first few weeks really are the hardest and one day he won’t be having accidents or tearing up your favorite shoes. ?

Oh my gosh, you are so sweet! Thank you for all of these tips, so so helpful. I have a feeling I will be with you on the softie thing and sleeping on the floor. That makes sense, and hoping it’s only a couple of weeks of the crying! I also have been hearing so much about the shoe scouting, haha…. those will all be locked behind closed doors!

I can’t wait lady! Also, your dog is adorable!!!