Weekend Moments 4.6.16

6 April

Hello! I’m back and feeling much better. I planned to take the weekend off after losing my creative mojo in the midst of a busy last week,  but I ended up waking up Saturday morning and feeling like myself again. With a cup of joe and my laptop open – I felt that rush of inspiration, the urge to write, and had a few hours before brunch with a girlfriend. I even decided to give myself an at-home facial, sat in a big comfy robe, dove into a couple of coffee table books, and typed away. I don’t typically treat myself to such a glam morning, but I have to admit, it was nice.

Matt was on a bachelor party in Whistler, so I had our place to myself to relax, reboot a bit, and spend some time with a few girlfriends. You may have seen snaps on Saturday – one of my best friends never uses snapchat, so we had ourselves a grand ole’ time with the filters, it’s typical of this to happen when someone has wine, just FYI. 🙂

In other news – the countdown to our new puppy is only a couple of months away! After speaking to our breeder over the weekend, we landed on a litter I’m extremely excited about. I know time will fly by and the day will come quickly, but I just can’t wait to have that little one in my arms. Matt and I have been talking about this since we started dating, and are both so thrilled, anxious, and grateful that we’re going to be able to bring home a doodle who we’re going to love beyond words. If you have any new puppy parent advice, please go ahead and send them my way.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and happy Monday! x

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