Weekend Moments 1.23.17

23 January

Happy Monday! I’m very excited to be sitting at my desk today. I’ve spent the past few weeks thinking about how I really need help with my blog. Like I mentioned recently, it’s almost been a year since I left my 9-5. Crazy. SO, I am thrilled to share that I finally have a new addition to the Brunch on Chestnut team!

This week. Today is going to be dedicated to brainstorming the next couple of months as a team of two, and I couldn’t feel more inspired to continue bringing you elevated content. Having someone who has a great eye help me with photography and fresh, new ideas is a game changer. Another point of view and someone to bounce ideas off of helps so much – I’m so grateful to have her onboard. I will introduce you to her formerly on here in the coming weeks once we get a little more acclimated into the new workflow. Yay!

In other news, I shared my first two outfit posts of the year: a leather jacket and hat that I cannot take off (the jacket is on sale, too) and 7 sweaters that are perfect for transitioning into spring (the one I am wearing is my absolute favorite, order a size up if you end up going for it).

Currently inspired by. Natalie’s recent post about how she rekindled her relationship with Instagram. Completely obsessed with Jo Rodgers (a British Vogue contributor) who’s imagery and writing are so romantically beautiful.

I’m so looking forward to the end of this week when the rain looks far from sight (so over it), and we inch closer to 60º! Literally happy danced when I saw that. A handful of new posts coming this week so come back and visit soon. Have a wonderful week, friends!

Feel free to say hi / comment / send questions x

so exciting that you expanded your team!

Thanks, friend! It feels so nice to have another set of hands to help just even the slightest! Hope you had a fun weekend xx

loved all your instagrams from this past weekend! happy Monday! (looks like you have an exciting week ahead!)

Thanks, Nan! It’s so nice to have some help, hoping it will bring even more inspiration to the table this year. 🙂 x

Thanks for sharing love <3 And so exciting that you're now a team of two!!!! can't wait to see what else you two bring to Brunch on Chestnut.

Of course! Loved the post! xx


So excited to meed your new addition!

Yay! xx