What to Wear to an Al Fresco Dinner Party

I remember when I first marveled over a new found passion for dinner parties. Some time ago, a good friend of mine who has an innate skill for hosting (and being Martha-y) would always take the reigns and throw together the most charming evenings. I always admired her perfectionism with setting the table and running around to make sure everyone’s glass was full. Her pretty vintage candelabras, bamboo cutlery (that I copied), cheese plates, free-flowing vino, and playlist in the background (think French restaurant tunes) were a handful of reasons why these nights were so memorable. They were so thoughtful! It’s always so nice to step out of our busy schedules, slow down, and appreciate each other’s company, so dinner parties are still one of my very favorite things to do.

But let’s cut to the chase…one of the best parts of warm evening events is your outfit. I love getting dressed up for nights like these– something magical takes over me and I become more adventurous (while keeping comfort in mind), it’s the perfect setting to get creative and wear something fun. I look for pieces that are casual but playful and play up the feminity a bit… Cheers to soaking up BBQ and backyard season for as long as we possibly can!

Al Fresco Attire



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  1. I hope to master the skill of hosting! It is something that I truly enjoy doing and can’t wait until I can say I have it down 🙂
    Love your picks!

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