Whenever I discover someone who deeply inspires me, one of the first things I wonder (post sifting their social for as long as the eye can see), is who inspires them? Do you ever think similarly when bookmarking a new inspiration gold mine? It’s really a beautiful, endless chain– who and what inspires who… and the best kind of rabbit hole to fall into. Even if you end up sidetracked for an hour. It’s okay to get lost when you’re getting so much out of it, right? For me, inspiration comes in all forms; so much from traveling and exploring unknown territory, but also in my day to day life set up in my home office. I need the fuel weekly and love moments when I am taken back by something packed with beauty.

So, if you’re like me and curious… I thought I would list out a few *gems I’m loving right now (down below). You can always check my Pinterest, too (if you click “pins” those are the most recent). And, I would love to hear from you, too! Who and/or what is inspiring you?


Hanna is still my absolute favorite, I adore her. And, Lucy is a longtime favorite as well. She is just killing it these days, isn’t she? Loeffler Randall is the best brand blog in my opinion, but I realize I may be biased. I also love The Dailys for such beautiful, down to earth photography. September Edit for clean minimalism.


Current favorites include: @leantimms, @dagmara_ch, @jeannedamas, @annapihan, @kerrybazaar


Loving… Fashion Gone Rouge, PSALMS, Luca Fulop, Faris, Blueberry Modern, Jaclyn Paige

Images via all the links above. xx

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