Hello! I hope you’re doing well!

As I impatiently wait for baby, I wanted to quickly get this post up to share a few things / ways to navigate my site/content while I take a little time off. I’ve stepped away from my phone this past week as I’m enjoying immersing myself in the present and honestly, as many told me, the end of pregnancy is tough. Emotionally, mentally, physically… I have just needed some space to rest, clear my mind, and breathe a bit. Just a little update in case you were curious. I am sure the quiet has seemed like we are on the other side, but not quite yet! I didn’t want to feel the pressure of sharing just to share — trust me, you’ll know when she has made her way to us. I truly can’t wait for that moment.

Okay, so first of all, as always—my menu bar is very straight to the point. It has taken me years of tweaking/trial and error with giving the most seamless experience that makes the most sense for my specific process and the things that I share with the world. Always browse there first if you’re looking for something in particular or try search!

A few noteworthy things while summer is on the horizon…

My Summer Shop will continue to evolve, so many beautiful things out there right now!

I also put this post together that goes over my process for summer shopping. And by the way, Shopbop is having a big sale on sale right now!

If you need some vino inspiration, my wine journal has so many good ones saved. I cannot wait for my wine!

Evergreen posts that you may enjoy

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A few playlists for you…

A Hopeful Summer

Spring ’19 (a favorite)

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And as I’m sure you know, I have lots saved on Instagram highlights, too.

I will be back soon enough — hope this is helpful in the meantime! xx

thoughts, ideas, questions...

Thank you for this post!! Sending you labor vibes & love!!!!

Such a lovely resource for us while you get to meet your new little one. I hope everything is going well and that you are enjoying newborn snuggles!