I am so, so excited to talk about this gift idea! It is brilliant.

Partly because I have casual dreams of owning my own winery someday–but mainly because it’s so unique and thoughtful! Windsor Vineyards reached out to work with me, and over the past couple of months, I’ve gotten to know their wines and story better. Besides the fact they are one of three most award-winning wineries in the U.S for over 50 years, they also offer something so cool/I’ve never seen before. You can design your own wine label on their website!

The graphic design nerd in me was thrilled at the chance to run with this. I’m always admiring beautiful labels that I come across, so I had a heyday creating my own. The process on their website is so simple and to the point, too. I wrote “weekend plans” on my notepad on my iPhone, airdropped it to my laptop, and put it over a black background in photoshop. After saving your image (which can be anything from photos to graphics, anything you want) you just upload and order. And I have a 15% off code (ASHLEY15) for you to use, too!

I tried their 2016 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir for the first time a few weeks ago (always happy to taste test before agreeing to partnerships) and am such a big fan. It is so delicious. Pinots from Russian River or Sonoma Coast usually strike my fancy, so I wasn’t surprised it was a winner. Fruit forward and bright, just the absolute perfect table/couch red to share.

My friend and I who have frequent wine dates planned an evening to catch up, and I thought it would be fun to make her a bottle as a holiday gift. Very fitting for our weekly hangs, and just something unexpected and sweet!

How cute is this idea? I love. If you need ideas for making a label, feel free to reach out! xx



A big thank you to Windsor Vineyards for sponsoring this story and for introducing me to their lovely wines!

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