TLC for Winter Skin

21 November

I’ve always believed those evening skincare rituals have the most profound impact in the winter. My skin is usually fussy this time of year, so some extra TLC is needed. Plus, when my summer glow starts to fade, I look to brighteners to help boost my complexion. It’s necessary because washed out and winter dry is not a good look on me.

I recently fell for Tata Harper‘s Concentrated Brightening Serum + Concentrated Brightening Essense. My routine has entailed hopping in the shower with a clean face before bed– mixing the two and adding a thin layer to my skin while the steam helps to soak it all in. Seriously works wonders. And in the morning, I add a pump of the Serum before applying makeup.

I’m a big fan of lightweight natural formulas– light but mighty. My skin has been looking fresh and refined each morning after a Tata spa sesh. Such a big fan of these two products. I had to share because when my sensitive skin loves a new product, it’s a big deal and should be known. Besides my shower trick, a few other things I try and keep in mind during the crisp, dry months: lots of water (obviously), face masks (these are fantastic and make great gifts), and earlier bedtime doing the week/sleeping in for a bit longer on the weekends.

What are your go-to skincare tricks for winter?

A big thank you to Tata Harper for collaborating on this post.
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I love Tata Harper! Haven’t tried these, but am adding the serum to my christmas list!!

I love them – I hope you enjoy it!

Ooo I am going to have to try this shower trick! I have super sensitive skin too and am obsessed with Dr.Dennis Gross duo peel pads! They have helped my complexion tremendously!

Oh I love that brand, too! I haven’t tried the peel pads, I will have to now though, thank you!! Definitely try an oil or the Tata serum in the shower (I actually like to Clarisonic before too, so my skin is smooth and super clean), you’re skin will be glowing and baby soft. 🙂


Ashley, I loved this post on taking care of your skin in the winter! I also have fussy skin in the winter time and I am always looking for ways to help brighten up my skin once my summer tan has started to tan. I really want to try the shower treatment you had mentioned earlier, it seems like it works really well! Face masks are always my go to nightly routine and if I do not have any more, I will just use nose strips. It is always hard to find a treatment that is easy with my sensitive but works at the same time to help it!

Hi Bre!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and say hello! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post – the shower trick really works wonders, doesn’t it?

We just got home from a week in AZ, and my skin is SO dry right now… it’s crazy how quickly it happened upon arriving there. Back to Tata steam room I go 🙂


I just got that serum and tried it in the shower, it made my skin so soft! Thanks for sharing!

So happy to hear that! It’s a lovely product! xx