Winter Style with Modern Citizen

16 December

For many years now, I’ve been a fan, admirer, and consumer of Modern Citizen. One of my favorite places to shop for everyday timeless pieces at an unmatched price point. I remember early on when I first met their team in the city at their beautiful showroom. I got a taste of the magic that was about to unfold and become such a success in the fashion space. My jaw dropped to the floor while reaching for a garment, expecting to see $$$ by the looks of the piece, but was blown away at the cost. Easy on the eyes and the wallet! Everything they bring to life is versatile, timeless, and high-quality. I’m so excited to be working with them for the first time, as I’ve been cheering from the sidelines since the beginning!

The perfect way to switch gears from gift guides to chatting all things winter style. I love Modern Citizen year-round, but I’m personally a sucker for their winter selection. They do sleek and decadent so well! I went into their shop last week (I live a dangerous 45-second walk away) and curated a bunch of pieces that are my top favorites of theirs right now.

Modern Citizen is the type of shop you walk into at any point and can find so many things that make your eyes light up. Here’s what’s catching my eye as of late…


First of all, you know I love a slip dress moment. The cut of this one is so elegant (and it’s slightly thicker than you’d expect which is great for this time of year). This dress can be worn so many ways – a winter wedding, an NYE or holiday party, teamed with a big sweater and boots or sneakers. I love its versatility and how it can be worn through every season, too. I fell in love with this midnight navy blue color, so chic…


This sweater is the most perfect thing, I got it in gray but need it in oatmeal, too! It has the most flattering neck and is so soft and cozy. I also love how the bottom lays as well, so you can wear it with anything. I even paired it with the slip dress and converse and it was so cute. They have the best sweater selection in general right now! So into this sweater coat, so beautiful.


If you’re in the market for tops, you’ll be quite pleased by these! Obsessed with this, this, and this for winter layering!


My neverending love with ribbed things continues. I got this wrap dress in the camel and it’s soooo flattering! I also have my eye on this one.


Lastly, I am always in awe of their jacket selection. In love with this one! Some more favorites below… xx


A few more things

A big thank you to Modern Citizen for working with me and helping to bring this post to life.


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