Ribbed Sweater Dresses for All!

11 months ago

You might have noticed by now that I have, amongst many others, a pretty obvious weakness; ribbed knits! It’s been a longtime obsession of mine… I find ribbed pieces to be so flattering and charming, and let’s just say this is going to be something sticking with me for life.

I got so many notes about this Anna Quan dress when I shared last week, so I thought I would put together a little list of recent ribbed sweater dress finds for the colder season ahead. I have been living in knit slips lately, they’ve begun to reign supreme over all else each week to feel put together yet cozy whilst still mainly at home…

I love to wear them with either converse (until it gets *too* cold) or knee high boots (this outfit is to a T how I like to dress this time of year!) a cardigan, jacket, and a big lush cashmere scarf—you also probably know my weakness for White and Warren travel wraps… ps. I may have a code for you coming this week for them, so stay tuned. (:

So, the Anna number is a bit of an investment (I know), but I had been eyeing her knit dresses for ages and finally went for it during a cyber weekend sale. I will keep you posted if I spot it on sale any time soon! There are SO many gems out there, though, here are some of the best I’ve uncovered below…