A Family Weekend in Yountville

Hi! This week we took a trip up to Yountville, a favorite area in wine country. We love to day trip or stay in heart of downtown Yountville as there’s so many amazing spots to walk to. Fun lunches, dinners, and great tasting rooms. Some of the best food in wine country are dotted along the street in this charming area… a spot I am always recommending those who reach out to ask for recs. I have a whole Yountville guide here!

Photos from the weekend…

Love this little coffee shop called Southside. Their chai latte and almond milk latte are 10/10! And the avo toast! Every time we stay at a hotel in Yountville, we always walk here in the mornings. Also, Mini Model is another one if you’re planning a trip.

K, I guess she’s a toddler now!

Gorgeous scenes from the French Laundry Garden…

PSA RE/DONE has the best nautical / 4th of July vibe things right now!!

Ganni summer, per usual.

Raviolo 4ever.

And this wine at Bottega was my jam. Making my mouth water 😂 k that is all! Hope your week is off to a lovely start x


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