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A Letter to the Newly Self-Employed

A friend of mine who is about to explore the world of running her own business reached out to me recently seeking advice.

At first, when I saw her message, I questioned if I had the answers for her. I still feel like I’m figuring it all out, one day at a time! And then I realized that my experiences so far in itself were the answers. Lifestyle shifts and valuable lessons I wish I would have known going into self-employment. So we hopped on a call.

I thought I would write a letter to those who may be thinking about starting off on your own since today marks 3 years since I left my desk at a 9-5 job. Bright-eyed, optimistic, incredibly inspired and ready to hustle my butt off. The honeymoon phase inevitably unfolded back to reality, but I’ve learned my way around the rollercoaster that is working solo. How to make the most of it and appreciate it! I learned A LOT these past few years. I also want to disclose that these are my opinions and learnings from my own personal experience. I feel like Type A’s out there (opposite of moi) might have a smoother entry into the world of being in charge of yourself and schedule, but I am a Pisces. Enough said… (:

My friend,

First of all, the bravery it took to run with your dream is something to be proud of! Being wholehearted about something in itself is special. Nurture your passions always, even through hard times. Make sure to always celebrate your successes, big or small.

Making a passion your profession will add on stress, know that this is normal and work through it. Never let yourself feel guilty for taking a little break, you need moments to recollect. Forcing it never works out. Revisit why you started regularly! Know that some days you will feel like you are excelling at life and other days you will feel like a giant failure. The ups and downs surprised me as they were so consistent. Go with the flow and keep a positive attitude. Never compare yourself or your work to others. Speaking of which { in this day and age }, social media should be taken with a grain of salt.

Take time to learn and trust your own process. Which can take a long time to sort out and that’s OK! Be patient. Don’t put pressure on yourself… pressure is the thief of a clear mind. Be true to you and what lights you up inside. Keep your eyes on the road. Pass on reading other blogs and articles that offer direction or advice on how to do things. It’s all a learning experience and finding what works best for you.

Whatever is currently inspiring you at the moment, run with it. Create something unique to you… be as unique as possible! This is when your business will stand out. To me, this means less consuming, more experimenting/creating.

Self-care should be a top priority. Working from home sounds like the dream to most people, but when you lack structure, creative brainstorms and conversations, and feedback like you have in an office setting… bad habits can form. Eat well, exercise, set-up calls, work from cafes and hold yourself accountable. Keep yourself busy, immerse yourself into doing what to love to do, and know that the ups { most definitely } outweigh the downs. Make yourself proud at the end of each day, that mentality has helped me feel the reward and good feedback I need to keep going.

Lastly, remember that your true value with work lies in the heart you put into it… so give it all you’ve got.


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    1. I tried to share pieces of my experience in a light and simple manner. It certainly hasn’t been the easiest road, but it’s what you make of it I’ve learned. Thank you for coming by! xx

    1. Aw, I am happy this helped in some way! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, Bee xx

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