A Little More Effort

Effortless. A word aptly named, as I tend to toss it around quite loosely around here–but can effortless translate to lazy?

To me, effortless style is an art; it’s achieving that unassumingly cool and nonchalant look. It’s actually not the amount of effort put into something. When you see someone and think they seem so effortless… it’s likely not by accident.

Come summer I love the ease of throwing on a dress. However, recently I have been thinking about how I have become a bit lazy by solely resorting to that option, and thus bypassing the creativity in putting an outfit together. I miss the process of reinventing old with new, trying new styling tricks, and utilizing my closet’s versatility.

I am going to make an effort to get back into putting looks together with creativity and intention. To hunt down outfit inspiration and recreate looks that speak to me. Try new things, in new ways, and rekindle a love with getting ready. It’s as simple as going back to the basics and working with what you’ve got.

I used to browse Pinterest and Tumblr regularly for outfit ideas, so I went back to the drawing boards (pun intended) and found some inspiration to start with! I also started a new wishlist board with separate closet categories where I plan to save the best of the best from around the web… hope you enjoy! x

Images found via my Style board and on Tumblr

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