A summer meal on the grill

I love those moments when you try a new recipe and after some trial and tinkering, you get it *just right. After years of teaching myself how to cook, I have become more confident to take things into my own hands and experiment. Getting to know flavor profiles better and having a good sense of what I want.

I saw a photo on the internet recently of a delicious looking asparagus/potato combo with some sort of dill dressing beneath it. I started the search to find something that sounded good, and ended up saving a few. I tried them all and didn’t really love the turnout. Some had mayo (prefer not to go this route) and some were too tangy for my liking. So I decided to use some ingredients that I had on hand to create something myself. And it turned out to be so so good!

What you’ll need

Fingerling potatotes
Olive oil
Avocado oil
2 Lemons
Sea salt
Garlic salt
Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt dill drizzle

4 big dollops of greek yogurt
juice of 1/2 a lemon
1/4 cup olive oil
2 big garlic cloves minced
big pinch of sea salt
big pinch of pepper
4-5 big dashes of garlic salt
and 2 tablespoons of chopped fresh dill

I made this first — mixed it all in a mason jar and shook it all up with a lid (in need of a little dressing whisk) and kept it in the fridge.

Salmon prep

For the fish, we love to cook salmon on a cedar plank. We just put lots of salt and pepper on top and then sliced lemons. The flavor from the cedar does most the work and is incredible. Note: we buy our planks from Whole Foods, they are right where you select the fish! Also good to know you have to soak the cedar plank for an hour or more before cooking on the grill so it doesn’t catch fire.

To prep the asparagus and potatoes

Cut the asparagus and set them on top of a grill pan sheet. For the mini potatoes, I boiled them for about 8 minutes until they are tender/a fork could slice through them. I drained them and set them at the bottom of the same pan as the asparagus. I lightly coated all with avocado oil (I have learned to use veggie oil on the grill as it handles high heat a bit better). Salt, pepper, and a little lemon juice sprinkled on top of everything. I also added french thyme from our garden to the potatoes. And sliced garlic and thin lemon wedges to the asparagus. Always love adding what I have on hand to enhance those flavors!

We grilled the veggies for about 16 minutes and the fish for 14.

The final touch

Drizzle the dill sauce on the bottom of the plate. Lay out the fish, asparagus, and potatoes. Squeeze a little more lemon over everything. A touch of salt to taste. And I chopped up some oregano and dill from our garden as well as the last touch. It is SO delicious. The dill sauce is so bright and refreshing and pairs heavenly with everything on the plate. I hope you enjoy! x


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