5 Favorite Affordable Red Wines

I’ve gone through waves with my vino preferences, but this one has stuck for quite some time. Enough to accumulate a handful of favorites to share! I’ve told you about a couple of these, peppered into weekday evenings on Instagram, and have added a couple more to the list recently. For the longest time now, I gravitate toward a light, fruit-forward, smooth Pinot Noir. After collecting my favorites below and their tasting notes, it’s clear I’m also into hints of nut, cocoa, and spice.

When I first got into red wine, I was all about the Cabernet Sauvignon, but the heaviness and tannins can sometimes be a bit much. Especially if you’re like me and enjoy a glass or two a few nights a week. I love these labels and am always reaching for a couple when at the market. If you have any that you love, please send recommendations my way! *Note: these are prices based on the stores I buy them from (Safeway in the Marina and Plumpjack Wines mostly)–

Scribe Pinot Noir | $42
A slight splurge, but always such a treat to pop open. It’s our favorite pinot, hands down. It effuses flavors of fresh watermelon, grapefruit, blood orange, river rock, and sea salt. It’s super smooth and even more delicious.

Acacia Pinot Noir | $25
This one’s a new favorite that Matt introduced me to. Apparently, he’s been holding out on me our whole relationship because he said he’s loved this one forever… but anyways. It’s so delicious. Notes of Teaberry, rose petal, cinnamon, and vanilla, which add complexity to the inviting nose and rich, rounded palate.

Banshee Pinot Noir | $23
I am majorly on the Banshee bandwagon, in fact, we’re heading there this weekend. I’ve always enjoyed their wines when out and about and spot them on a menu, but after visiting their tasting room earlier this year, I’ve become a bigger fan. I’m planning to convince Matt to join their wine club, wish me luck! The silky palate is layered with notes of cherry, hibiscus, and mandarin peel.

Chalk Hill Pinot Noir | $22
I learned about this wine at a wedding I attended. The couple who got married has great taste and happen to make their own wine, so I trusted their palette and tried it. After the first sip, it was added to my grocery list. Notes of black cherry, raspberry, pomegranate, framboise, roses, and mocha. The palate tastes like it smells, with flavors of cherry, cocoa, and raspberry.

Josh Legacy Red Blend | $18
You already know my love for Josh. It’s not a pinot, obviously, but it’s equally light and delicious. Some of the wine tasting notes: Aromatic blue fruits and brown spices delight the nose, most notably the fresh plum and blackberry fruit. The wine is dense and juicy, with baked plums and dark cherries, layered with roasted almonds and hazelnuts.


In case you’re interested, here’s another (older) wine guide here, still love everything listed!

What are your favorites?


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