Disco Heels

I started seeing this sandal style a couple of months back when I came across Adenorah’s first collaboration with JONAK, and continued to see them pop up. You know whenever you have something on your mind, you start to see it everywhere? Well, after curating my August Moodboard, I realized the center of attention was this photo above.

After posting on Instagram a reader made a comment about them, and it inspired me to try and track them down. I spent a while trying to find out who this exact photo belongs to, with no success. However, I did find a few similar pairs that are equally amazing, including the JONAK heels I discovered recently. They don’t have the style I originally loved in gold, but the red is really cute. I ended up ordering these since they are so similar and have the same vibe! Plus, I appreciate the extra support–I don’t wear heels as often as I used to.

Such a great statement heel to have in your closet! I’ve needed a fun heel for a while and with our trip coming up at the end of the month, I decided these were a go.

That reader mentioned how this style feels very disco– and I love that and couldn’t agree more.

Disco Babes


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