Editor’s Note, 10.21

It is crazy to think that a year ago from this coming week, my life changed forever. I found out I was pregnant with Grace on October 3rd! (Now I shall forever share the anniversary of the Mean Girl meme…)

I am *very excited to actually experience this time of year with my baby girl… as opposed to sick in bed for 2 months straight watching Friend’s episodes. Oh my, people say you forget about these things but I have yet to do so, lol, maybe I’m still too fresh. ANYWAY! I am beyond excited for this time of year and am feeling so full and inspired lately…

October Agenda

These Editor’s notes used to have a lot more meat to them in the “agenda” department. I feel like each month while I write this, I click on my calendar and it looks kinda sad! I think especially since G was born and the virus is still lingering, we have been extra careful what we do outside of the comfort of our home bubble. However, we do have some fun friend hangs coming up. This weekend, in particular, I’ve been excited about for awhile. A girlfriend of mine had her kitchen remodeled, so we are off to break it in and grill some pizzas while at it.

This month, to me, is going to be a lot of outdoor time. Soaking up my forever favorite temperature (70º) as much as possible before it gets nice and crisp here. I mentioned this recently, but we finally have a plan in place for our backyard and are trying to get it all sorted while it’s still warm and can plant a few more things! I have a bunch of bulbs on the way that I am so excited about, too!

I’m also fully back to work now which feels so good.

Inspired By

The lighting has completely changed lately, have you noticed? Waking up and walking down the hallway towards our living room was giving me deja vu this morning of when we first moved in last fall. The marigold-tinged warm glow that bounces off our walls, the shadows of tree leaves dancing outside, it’s magic. Inspired by my morning routine lately… coffee in bed with Grace. She is at such a fun age, I am loving every second of my time with her.

Sweater season is here!!!! I live for these layers. I love my fall wardrobe and let me tell you… I didn’t get to wear much of it last year between morning sickness life and then not fitting into anything. So I am having a heyday getting dressed lately. In fact… I decided to do a little challenge this month. “October Outfits”! Planning to share an outfit daily this next month, so get ready for lots of style ideas! I have a blog post coming later today with more details, so stay tuned.

Things of Note as of Late

I have been saving tons of fun finds on some of my Pinterest boards: things I have and love, the home shop, the style shop 🙂 Also, updated lots in my shop on my blog as well. A handful of favorites lately…


Happy October! Have the best month ahead x

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