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Reading — Remember Love by Cleo Wade
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Hi! Sipping coffee from my desk and foresee a second cup in my near future, feel quite tired this week! Truth be told, the renovation has officially started to wear on me. We just had a call with our contractor about phase 2 which was eye opening. It has felt pretty separate as they closed off the doorways to the rest of the house while they gutted the kitchen and built the vaulted ceiling, but they are going to be knocking a wall down and removing the fireplace soon. Soooo basically, our hallway, office and bedrooms will be our living spaces for a bit.

Pushing through! It has been fun to see our vision come to life, even if just the bare bones at the moment. I am definitely going to need to make more of an effort to escape the noise and get creative with work these next couple months while things wrap up! I heard all about this process from many friends, it is *a journey* when you are in it.

In other news! Happy November! It's getting chilly out there. Saving lots of fall-y imagery that feels like a hug, as you can see. Romanticizing autumn rituals that leave us feeling cozy as can be. Lately, I am listening to lots of classical music in the background of my days which is so calming and lovely. The world is feeling so heavy, and I am noticing the weight of it in my thoughts (anxiety high last month), lack of sleep, and just a blueness to the mood. Music always helps.

In these times, it is so important that we take the best care of ourselves and each other. It's on my mind a lot lately... how important it is to show up as a version we are proud of. Who uplifts others around us. We all need this more than ever these days. So just a little reminder and nudge to take moments for yourself to keep you grounded - and to spread love and kindness to those you encounter!

To be honest, I have not been taking the best care of myself, but I'm looking at the new month to make gentle changes to lead me back on course. This morning, I got to spend quality time with G while Matt headed to the office earlier than usual. She was so cute this morning, I soaked it all up. A quick chai latte run and home to write. Eggs (I am very on and off with eggs, but back on after a year or so hiatus!), a call with a good friend! I think I will take Scout on a long walk after my call that is coming up soon.

Whenever I am in recovery mode, I try and make my days feel more slow and steady. Inject a few rituals that I know will continue to elevate my state. I hope you have a beautiful day and month ahead!

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P.S. I am working on gift guides but think I am going to be a little more niche and considered this year. Smaller lists, but of super note-worthy things I think will be a hit. 🙂 Talk soon x


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