Editor’s Note, 5.23

Iced lattes exclusively. Warm mornings spent in the garden watering. Long walks with Scout. Planting, planting, planting! Opening the windows and enjoying the sound of bird songs. Spring cleaning and organizing. Lots of grass hangs. Pool days. Enjoying every second of this beautiful sunny season.

Happy May, happy Monday! Hope we are all well and enjoying the beauty of spring.

I sit here in my office which is overflowing of my bags and shoes… it’s closet install week! Our reach-ins in our primary bedroom and the hall closet are getting some much needed love. The old systems are being removed today and will be patched up and painted. Our new California Closets will be going in on Wednesday… so things are a little chaotic over here! Clothes everywhere. I’m taking the opportunity to get super organized—a (slightly forced) spring cleaning. Can’t wait to share more and to see our storage spaces in a new, efficient light.

Aside from this home project, I plan to be in the garden a lot this week. Soil is officially warm enough to start planting some more warm weather veg! We have 5/7 garden beds planted and already working their magic! The last two will be all set in the next couple of days. I have been having so much fun with this. Addicted to nursery visits this time of year… it’s the best.


This month I have a bevy of girlfriend catch-ups and city escapes. We have another wine country trip towards the end of the month and I’m amidst booking a few more this spring and summer. I am ducking my head a bit this week to tackle some admin, get things around the house together, and get some posts drafted. Hoping to take a few days away from technology mid-month so working on getting ahead!

We are starting to make moves on our kitchen reno—selecting a few things this week to get the ball rolling. It is starting to feel so real, just talking about it makes me beam! When we first bought our house, we had this idea in mind that we would most likely outgrow when we have a second child at some point, but the love and work we’ve put into the house really has me rethinking that. We have a lot of land and so much potential for expansion. Truthfully, no matter what, I was always going to give 100% to the kitchen. No shortcuts to flip, etc. But now I am really thinking deeply on how to make it the most incredible space… because we might be here longer than planned. (: I mentioned this recently, but I have fallen in love with our house all over again and just see so much potential. I can’t wait to continue to make it ours and all the more special with time. It’s going to feel magical after this big update we are cooking.

That’s all for now! I am really enjoying this more slow-paced way of life. Focusing on the things that fill up my cup—like the sun shining while I tend to my plant babies. It’s the simple things. x

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