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June, an opportunity and turning point for change.

Hi friend! I hope you are doing okay.

I have such a heavy heart from everything going on in the world and the ongoing failures of our justice system. My heart is broken for the black lives lost, for the black community, for the discrimination and racism that goes on in this country. It’s so far beyond due that we educate ourselves and take a stand for humanity and actively fight for what is right. More than ever, we need to take care of each other. Let’s all learn together and speak up because we are the only answer for change. Matt and I have decided to put some of our monthly paychecks towards a few charities/foundations this next month, I linked a few above! Please feel free to leave additional ways to support and affect change in the comments below… x

With the pause-effect on our lives with shelter in place, I realized in a sense I was waiting for “things to go back to normal”. But today, I’m implementing a new forward-thinking mentality and starting fresh. Creating new routines and lifestyle rituals around the limitations of life as we know it right now. There’s still so much uncertainty but what is clear as day is that we only live once and life must go on.

June Agenda

Making plans to look forward to has been so nice! We are heading up to wine country next week and staying at a friend’s vacant spot for a few days. We have also been trying to brainstorm something fun for our first wedding anniversary coming later this month. How is that already almost here? Crazy!

I am getting so close to feeling like our space is ready for a home tour. We have a few more things en route but it’s coming together so nicely. I feel like we’ll be ready to go by the end of the month, or early July, so more to come on that front.

Inspired by

Putting this mood board together gave me life. With summer comes a warming energy and so many simple pleasures… and we all could use some of that. Walking barefoot on grass, picnics, sweaty wine glasses full of crisp rosé, pool hangs, driving with the windows down and music turned up, the smell of coconut SPF, breezy linen, BBQs!, bocce ball/corn hole afternoons, perfectly warm 70º evenings (my all-time favorite, and rare in SF haha), candy-colored summer sunsets. I look forward to it all… xx

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