Editor’s Note, 6.22

On my Calendar

Opening up the first weekend of the month with a little escape to wine country! So, we decided we will be bringing the babe and pup along—it wasn’t easy last time around—but it’s important to us that she learns to adapt and to travel well with us. We are heading to a brand new resort that I will be sharing more on stories this weekend! It’s in Napa proper—so very close to Sonoma. So looking forward to spending a couple days up there, it’s been awhile since we have been to the area.

Grace will be turning 1 this month… seriously how crazy is that? I really cannot believe it. People do not joke around when they say once you have kids, time flies by even faster. My little baby is a toddler now! We are just doing a backyard garden party (life theme, obvs) and I am so excited.

Matt and my 3 year anniversary is towards the end of the month, too. We need to get something on the calendar. 🙂 No plans quite yet.

Other than that, and a few other friend hang dates, lots of time outside!

On my mind

Soaking up the beauty of outdoor living come summer.

I mentioned this recently, but we have spent the last year and a half working on our yard. It’s finally time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. And quite literally—my first strawberry is almost fully ripe, it’s going down soon! I am super motivated to get a big veggie garden going (thinking of making another area behind the trellis wall we had built) to start making our own produce. Whole Foods dominates our credit card bills, it’s time.

I also am really craving waterside days. I miss being able to walk to Crissy Field and the smell of sea salt air. I am plotting a Carmel trip this summer to get my fix! Some pool days would be lovely, too. Last year I didn’t really get to take part in the fullness of summer as I was very pregnant and then was cooped up in side while healing. Ready for a different kind of vibe this year.

Lastly, still working on some things around our home. I will be sharing more snippets of how things are shaping up soon!

Cheers to the care-free kind of summer days that evoke ease and relaxation. We all deserve it!

On my wishlist

Some pretty things I have been saving lately…


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