Editor’s Note, 8.20


While putting this moodboard together, I continued to gravitate to dreamy sun-drenched summer scenes. Captures that evoke peaceful, happy moments that make you feel grateful. It perfectly depicts my mood for the month ahead. The mantra this month is to stay golden— to focus on the positive and continue to seek out life’s beauty and adventure.

I plan to try and live like I’m on holiday…

August Agenda

Oh man, I am so looking forward to the next few weeks. July was quieter for us, se we decided to change things up and make a handful of plans to look forward to. So crucial right now, am I right? We are heading up to our family friend’s home again to stay for a few nights, which is always such a breath of fresh air. Having an outdoor space for Scout to run around freely, and to be able to sun-soak and BBQ is just heavenly to me in general, but so much more of a luxury these days. I’m looking at next week as a little retreat. Time for peaceful moments to read, test new recipes, hang outside as much as possible, and get creative with my work.

We are staying at a favorite hotel the following week, which was postponed from March. Leaving Scouty with his Auntie, so will be really nice to spend quality time with my hubs! We have one more wine country trip in mid-August and then a road-trip to wrap up the month.

We figured that now is the time to take advantage of the nice weather, escape, refresh, and treat ourselves.

Inspired by

I absolutely love this time of year. It’s magic. I’m excited to soak up the longer, warmer days. Jump into a pool! Marvel over golden hour, which this time of year is at its absolute finest. I’m inspired by summer recipes to enjoy al fresco (lots of fun things on my menu this coming week!). Being barefoot from am to pm. Feel-good tunes. Backgammon and Yahtzee. It’s time to relax, friends!

Sartorially speaking, I have been loving the classics. Summer’s favorite fabrics—denim, linen, and straw. I haven’t been focusing on collecting a ton of new things this summer, but a few quality, forever pieces. I’ve been saving fun finds in my shops this week.

I hope you all have an amazing month ahead!

P.s. A quick update on my menu bar. I added a new Diary category where you can now find past Editor’s Notes, along with my Thoughts and Weekend Moments post. I wanted to create a place where my more journal-like entries are collected together. Hope this is helpful! x

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