Editor’s Note, 8.22

“The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.”

–Maya Angelou

I saw this quote recently and loved it so wanted to share. I am starting to feel a little bit better after being hit by an awful cold for the last couple of weeks. I hadn’t been sick since before the pandemic, so think my immune system lost the plot! It’s in those times of feeling knocked down that make you really appreciate the simple good things in life. Like being able to breathe! Or just simply feeling healthy.

I have been ready for takeoff on the runway for months now… with one delay after the next. I’ve been at mental airport hell! I’ve complained about this a lot, so thank you for humoring my sensi side who needs to vent here and there. Daycare started and I was finally catching a glimpse of the old me… something I have been desperately seeking to find again. And then we all got sick and took a few steps backwards. But that is life. And I love the ides of every moment is a new horizon that we can lean into and start with a fresh perspective. That’s what August is for me. Change ahead, for real.

A new narrative is in flight.

On my mind

Gonna drop the f bomb!

I am usually (and perhaps obnoxiously) pre-mature to getting excited about the upcoming season (you may already know). As much as I am enjoying these lovely 70º summer evenings, fall has been on my mind a lot. This is around the time of year where I slow down with purchases for the warm seasons (unless I find an insane end of season sale, obv) and start saving inspiration for the cooler climes ahead! I save outfit ideas and product wish list items… just to get a feeler on what could add lots of value to my f/w wardrobe. Can’t wait to keep talking about this!


I have never considered myself to be a perfectionist—but over the years since social media has become so much more prevalent, it has struck me here and there. A couple examples and what I am in the process of dismantling.

1) social media aka perfectionism potion. So powerful sometimes that it can wreck the framework of your personal process and create symptoms of self doubt. “Is this good enough”… just so over how IG can make you feel sometimes. Clearly flustered about this topic lately, and working my way through it. A reminder to myself and to everyone… keep doing things for you. That is the point, nothing else.

2) blog post hesitance. I will come up with an idea and will envision it in my head, but after putting it together, it might not live up to exactly what I pictured, so it won’t get published. I want to end this mentality. I don’t believe in “you are as good as your last piece of work”… because *actually doing the work*, the process of creativity, is magic in itself. If you spend time on something and it’s not perfect, who cares? Give it the life it deserves and press publish anyway! I never use to operate this way, and fully blame #1 for this. Ultimately, I know that this one in particular is because I care and have high expectations for my work—but I never want perfectionism to hold me back.

the spa

A girlfriend and I got lunch recently and she goes “you know what I’m really into lately? The spa!”. This made me laugh — and then realize — I never really go to spas! I mean, every so often on escapes to wine country when I’m lucky… but I think I’ve had like 6 massages in my life and a few facials. I want to start treating myself / skin / body to these types of self-care treatments a little more frequently. Getting older it’s even more ideal. Plus, we all deserve a little pampering! So, I am going to do some research and find me some go-to local places. More pedicures, too! I am semi embarrassed to admit that I haven’t been since before pandemic. Lots of DIY at home, which is great! But It’s time.

On my wishlist

(side note) I have been tinkering with my site this week and gave my shopping pages a little refresh! I’ve been craving new order and change. More to come but some current favorite saves below… x

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