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Lamps are one of my absolute favorite things to collect! And since we don’t have a ton of tabletop space (and space in general), I’ve learned to carefully curate the pieces we bring in. I look at lamps as little pieces of art… I am drawn to fun shapes, textures, and character―usually in the form of alabaster or metal. There are so many beautiful pieces out in the world, and since this has been a very requested post, I’m excited to share some insight into my style preferences!

When it comes to lighting, I’ve learned that I would rather spend a little more, knowing that they are something I will keep forever. I have purchased countless lamps in my past that I ended up selling or donating, so my goal now (with everything in my home, really) is to choose pieces that mean more and will stick around for the long haul. If you think about it, lamps are incredibly versatile and worth the money. You can reinvent their whole feel by swapping out the shade, move them around your home for years to come, and if anything ever happens, you can usually rewire/fix!

The lighting I curated above is mainly on the pricey/investment end, but you can find similar options for cheaper price points if you keep an eye on Etsy and eBay! I just wanted to give you an idea of the vibe I love and some of my very top favorites from the interwebs at the moment.

I must make note of this one though because I am OBSESSED… and $250 for a beautiful lamp is a great deal! In love with urn-shaped lamps, they have become a key shape for me when shopping, especially vintage hunting Etsy. I am going to do an Etsy roundup soon, so stay tuned… will be sure to link some lamp finds then, too! If you want to take a peek in the meantime, try searching keywords like “alabaster lamp”, “urn lamp”, “marble lamp”, “neo-classical lamp”. Also, just keep in mind if it’s from another country or vintage, it’s likely you’ll need to have the lamp rewired.

One other note―I almost always swap out the shade, I love the empire/coolie look. It feels so charming and European to me which I love! I buy this style from Restoration Hardware, and usually, go with size B. Here are some favorites I’ve found from around the web…

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1. McGee & Co. Ceramic Lamp 2. Visual Comfort Co. Mini Crystal Orb Lamp 3. Visual Comfort Co. Antique Brass Floor Lamp (also love this one from Restoration Hardware) 4. McGee & Co. Alabaster Lamp (this reminds me of my new one!) 5. Arteriors Alabaster Lamp (absolute fave, dying to get this.) 6. Garnet Hill Marble Orb Lamp 7. Chairish Vintage Marble Lamp 8. Garnet Hill Alabaster Lamp


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If you know of any amazing lamp sites or products with similar vibes, I would love to hear about them in the comments! x

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