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Jewelry is a piece of our signature style that has the ability to uplift your mood and elevate a simple look. A fun way to express yourself and how you’re feeling. Come this time of year, I rely heavily on jewels to make my linens or t-shirt/denim duo shine.

I’m a big metal mixer (although, from the looks of it, I favor gold a smidge more). And as of lately, am in a very big gem stone phase! I’m loving studying up on spiritual meanings and how they bring certain kind of energies to your daily life when you wear them. Citrine specifically is tugging at my heartstrings (how good is that vintage bracelet I found pictured!?). I also recently bought an antique citrine and 18k gold pendant and I added it on to my Starling chain with the “G” Yurman pendant. I call Grace my sunshine so it’s quite perfect.

That’s another thing I love about a growing jewelry collection. Room to experiment with what you’ve got. Switching up chains and pendants, layering things in new ways. It’s a little art form that brings character and personality to your style.

Noting some of my favorites from my jewelry box below… I just got this one, by the way, and love it!

1. Sophie Buhai earrings. Always love to follow Sophie’s creations, these are so simple and elegant. The perfect pearl earrings for both dressed up and down occasions. In love with fresh water pearls—and fortuitously Grace’s birthstone!

2. Vintage ring. In love with this ring, it’s like a chic cigar style—with a cool textured 14k gold matte finish and some subtle sparkles. A thrill of a vintage win!

3. Vintage ring—my first auction bid war. I got this on EBTH. I used to share this app ages ago for home goods, too! It’s a good one to have on hand.

4. Jenni Kayne Signet. I have this one for my pinky, it’s the perfect signet. Love the little baguette diamond touch.

5. Viltier Paris Ring. Been a big topic of discussion around these parts lately, I love it. A did a whole blog post on it if you’re interested, just search “Viltier”. 🙂

6. Vintage Citrine Bracelet. Sunshine!!!! I am smitten. Something about a slightly bolder prong really gets me going, too.

7. Vintage Amethyst Ring. Another vintage hunt score… my Granda had an amethyst ring and this reminded me of it, but the shape is a bit more my style. Plus, love the meaning behind amethyst! The perfect fun pop for date nights and dinners with friends.

8. ONDYN Ring. This is such a cool one. The part of the band that hold the diamonds move! So you can shape it over another ring and it has this lovely curve to it. New to this brand as of this past year.

9. Cartier Tank Must (large model). This was a gift for being Grace’s landlord for 10 months…




Layered necklaces I wear on the daily

Jade Trau ‘Maverick’ Necklace

Starling chain / G pendant / vintage citrine pendant

Jade Trau ‘Catherine’ Necklace with added Crescent Pendant


More ‘everyday’ favorites



Jewelry designers I adore for special occasion investing

Jade Trau, Jane Pope, Sophie Buhai, Foundrae, Sophie Bille Brahe, Viltier


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