Interior Talk ― No.3

Interior Talk is a monthly conversation about home style, decorating tips, and creating a space you love to live in…

Hi and happy Friday! So excited to get to these questions you sent in, so many good ones! Great timing for this post as I’ve been full to the brim with interior inspiration lately. Since our place is on the smaller side with little wall space per room, I’ve decided to freshen things up, swap some things out, and really curate a space filled with the things we love and part ways with those “fill in” items I purchased in the past. My goal is to be more thoughtful about the pieces we collect since our space is limited. We are definitely going to stay put in the city for a while, so I’m inspired to curate things we will keep with us and at some point down the road, bring with us to our future home.

I think for a while now I have felt a little stuck which is why I haven’t shared as much interior styling content lately. The corners of our home I do share a lot are the places where I am most excited about and proud of, the things we genuinely love, like our nightstands! I want to get to a place where I feel so inspired by each little corner, so that’s my plan…

You can see the other Interior Talk posts here in case you missed them! Filled with more home Q&A’s! Here we go…


How did you determine your interior style? How do you stay true to your aesthetic? I feel like I like so many things!

I didn’t really ever decide what my style was, it has evolved over the years. Interior design has been a lifelong curiosity of mine, so my eyes are always seeking inspiration. My first piece of advice is to spend some time really honing in on what you love. What kind of interiors make you feeling something? What vibes excite you and inspire you? Once you have an understanding of the style you gravitate the most towards, then it’s the fun part.

I believe that you train your eyes. I always look to Pinterest, interior magazines and books–and my eyes light up at the same type of vibe over and over again because it’s what I’m drawn to. I think it’s okay if you like a lot of things and different styles, sticking in one lane is boring. You can certainly combine them and create a cohesivity.

I love European architect and charm… Spanish style homes… modern mixed with vintage. The amazing thing about interior design is that there are no rules. Or at least I don’t think so! It’s all about collecting and styling in ways that speak to you.


How often do you switch up your decor?

I would say I refresh and rearrange our surface areas every few months! I am not really the type of person who changes things up for certain seasons, I do however like to restyle my coffee table, bar cart (when I have had one… getting one again soon!), kitchen counters, and nightstand.

I also think it totally depends on your space. In terms of furniture, this apartment is hard to move things around because there’s not a ton of wall space and every room is kind of limited on ways to go about styling furniture. I think once we collect a few more *smaller accents (like stools, etc.) I can play around more with smaller vignettes.


How do you arrange items to look cohesive?

Trial and error! Sometimes I will be inspired to style a bar cart, etc. and at my first stab, it’ll look off. I will continue to rearrange and try new things until it feels balanced. I like to make pretty color stories with items, too (like books, items on a nightstand, alcohol bottles, etc.). Making sure things look effortless, and not too styled. Start with the simple necessities and then add on and play around until it looks good to you!


Where do you get interior design inspiration?

Ah, so many places! Pinterest, coffee table books, magazines, home tours, watching movies and tv shows, traveling. As I mentioned, for a long time now, I have been struck by the beauty of European style homes and so it’s become like an obsession of mine. I am always taken back by the charm of them and so I always have my eyes peeled for more and take mental notes on things that captivate me.


How do you differentiate between random items and timeless pieces for your home? When I shop, I’m having trouble distinguishing the two.

This is a tough one because it has taken me forever to figure this out for myself. I’ve definitely purchased something in the moment that I got over in a month. I think it’s twofold! Sometimes I will come across something that strikes me, and I *know that I will treasure and it’ll work in so many ways, for so many years down the road. I think versatility plays a huge role in knowing if something will stick. But also, I think it goes back to keeping tabs on your interior inspiration and knowing what to keep an eye out for.

So, my tip is to create two Pinterest boards. 1 for interior design photos that move you, and study each photo as you pin it and maybe even make a note in the caption. What about this image do you love? And 2 make a board to save home decor/goods you come across online and love and visit it a few times a week to decipher if it’s something you really love. I do this and end up removing a lot, and the things that I keep around and can’t stop thinking about, those are the special things I know will stand the test of time.


What are your organization tips for minimal storage/tiny closets?

I am trying to tackle this better myself (this weekend actually!), but right now I use Target shoe shelves and their little drawers (which I stacked) in my closet to store my shoes and swimwear. I want to get plastic bins for under our bed to start storing clothes we don’t need to access as much based on the season. We have a huge chest dresser, too, which isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing as it’s huge in our small room, but definitely efficient!


How do you begin to decorate a space? In a new apartment and having trouble knowing where to start…

This is a great question. And my wholehearted answer is, don’t rush to buy anything just to fill it in! I have made this mistake my whole life and what I tell everyone who asks me this now is to slowly collect things you love. It will save you money, time, and in the end, you’ll have a space that feels intentionally curated and you’ll be so happy with it. It might take a while to get it to a place that feels nested, but just trust me. In terms of where to begin, it depends on what you do have, but I would say something you can build off of. A statement item that you genuinely love and are excited to complement with other things as you build your new space. A rug, couch, coffee table, curtains…


Where can I find vintage lamps like yours (feature in top photo) and lampshades?

I got my alabaster lamp from Sotheby’s Home and LOVE it. I have seen a bunch of these on ETSY if you just search “alabaster lamp”. And YES, these shades are the absolute best. I learned that they are called “Coolie” shades, and after months of looking, I found them at Restoration Hardware! PS. This vision of mine rooted in a bevy of images I collected on Pinterest. I saved a ton of rooms and I randomly noticed how every single space on my current pins has lampshades of this shape and it just stuck with me…


What paint color did you use for your walls?

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore!


What are some ways to style/decorate an awkward corner of a room?

I used to not be a fan of those “awkward corners” but now I find they are so much fun. A challenge! I love uniquely styled corners and vignette, in fact, I have a whole Pinterest board with inspiration. You can find a beautiful vintage chair, stack books on the seat and hang a few photos above, or even a sconce. You can make a makeshift bookshelf, something like this could be really cool (I want this for our bedroom!)… get creative and have fun bringing it to life!


I love little things and can never figure out how to keep them looking like clutter. Styling tips?

Okay, aligning with my answer above, I feel like a makeshift bookshelf is such a good way to set collections on display. Carly Page’s dining room is a perfect example. I love how she did the built-in over the doorway, too. Also grouping a few things together and spreading them out helps!

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions below xx


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