Interior Talk ― No.2

Interior Talk is a monthly conversation about home style, decorating tips, and creating a space you love to live in…

Happy Monday! This weekend I finally got around to a handful of this month’s interior questions you sent in, such good ones! In case you missed the first post in my new series, I will link it here.


What are the essentials for a living room?

You must love your sofa, coffee table, and rug–they are the biggest focal points of the space. Beyond the main staples, I can’t imagine my living room without greenery (our monstera and birds of paradise are my favorite plants!), mirrors (to bounce off the light and open up a space), pretty lamps and light fixtures, and our collections out on display (coffee table books, magazines, matchbooks, candles). Cozy textures and textiles play a major role in our apartment, too.

Here is a post of the details in our living room…


How do you find a balance between curated little vignettes and just plain clutter?

Love this question! It’s all about experimenting. Sometimes I feel like a space looks too cluttered and I will play around with it a bit more, take something out and add something else– it’s all trial and error! Try and keep these things in mind when curating a vignette: clean lines, balance, height, dimension, and color story. And honestly, if you love every single thing in a vignette, then it won’t feel like clutter.

If you’re feeling like things are beginning to feel cluttered, invest in pretty storage pieces that can add something interesting to the space but also keep things tidy. Baskets, trays, bowls… they make such a big difference.

I created a Vignette board on Pinterest a while back to save ideas for styling if this helps!


Do you have a rule of thumb with styling coffee tables, counter spaces, bar carts, console tables?

My answer to the question above applies to this a bit. I always keep balance in mind when styling a tabletop. I only showcase the things I really love. My magic combination (for most tabletops) is light, books, and little curiosities. Also, fresh flowers! A simple tabletop is instantly brought to life with some blooms. Or even a monstera leaf… which lasts months.


How do you maintain your effortless yet elegant decorating style in every room?

Thank you! My eyes are definitely attracted to a certain look, so I think that unfolds naturally in the spaces I create. I love light and airy, clean lines, collected and comfortable, and European vibes. I like working with a neutral foundation and adding character through pops of color (books, rugs, art, textiles).


How would you suggest styling a floating shelf?

If I were to do a floating shelf, I would 100% have at least two of them (one above the other) or more. If you’re going to do a floating shelf, you might as well go for it! It looks more intentional and makes a better statement. In terms of styling, I think Carley Page does an incredible job!


What are your favorite places to shop for furniture and decor in San Francisco?

Alameda Flea Market and Treasure Island Flea Market for vintage finds. Antique shops (there’s a good one on Steiner & Greenwich). I love St. Frank, Anyon, March for home goods. Sacramento Street, in general, has so many pretty shops to make a day of it and hop around. I like the consignment store, Stuff, as well!


What are the best places to source affordable art?

Flea markets, eBay, ETSY, and vintage online shops like Everything But the House. I also cut images out of coffee table books, print things from Pinterest, and even track down pretty wrapping paper (Paper Source, etc.) or textiles to frame.


Kitchen table… rug or no rug?

It depends on the space, but if there’s room, then I say yes! I think rugs always lend a cozy touch. I would go for something simple like jute. Also, if you have hardwood floors, it’ll protect it from all the sliding in and out of chairs. We are actually still on the hunt for a rug in our kitchen for our dining table…


What should I splurge on? What should I save on?

When you come across something you LOVE… and you know longevity wise it’ll be something you can work with, then splurge on that. Rugs, light fixtures, accent chairs, antique accents. Things that are super versatile. Save on couches until you move into a future home and are ready to invest. Save on dining tables and coffee tables… you never know the layout of your future space.


Do you have a vision in mind when you move into a space or do you edit as you accumulate pieces?

A little bit of both. As I’ve mentioned… I do have ideas in mind and I know what I like, but I try to take my time with decisions and wait for things that really speak to me versus trying to fill things in just because.


What do you like to do with empty wall space?

Floor length mirrors, console table to create a pretty vignette, or if you need it to be simple but want something, put a plant and a piece of art.


What are your tips for styling a nightstand?

My nightstand houses a lamp, my jewelry, books, evening serums, and a coaster for my water. A mix of decor and necessities. I have pretty dishes for all the loose things sitting atop which keeps it organized.

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