Time to clear your plate, make room for the things in life that light you up, declutter, and start anew…

Oh, hello 2020! There’s something extra special about a new decade. Since the beginning, I’ve loved the idea of a clean slate and how it makes me feel. It’s like opening the first page of a fresh notebook. The excitement of new ideas, possibilities, and perspectives. This time of year, I like to do a personal deep cleanse. That usually entails organizing our home (luckily I did this before hosting over the holidays!) and laptop/phone files, ideating new goals for BoC, clean up the number of feeds I’m following on social media to ensure all are serving and inspiring me. I unsubscribe from emails that I don’t look forward to opening. I simplify in all aspects… fewer distractions is my mantra this year.

Minimize down to the essentials, so we can focus on what really matters to us. This annual ritual has led me to kick off a new year feeling inspired, motivated, and empowered. Wishing you all the best ahead!

On my calendar

So excited to get back home as we had our walls, trim, and crown molding repainted while we were away. Looking forward to reworking our space a bit and prepare for the arrival of our new Restoration Hardware couch and dining chairs in early Feb! This month is pretty mellow, calendar-wise, beyond birthdays and of course, snapping back into healthy rituals and workouts after the holidays. And very much looking forward to working on new blog posts! Lots of ideas I think you’ll really love in the works.

Inspired by

“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” ―Meister Eckhart

Listening to

I was cleaning recently and a song that I love came on and instantly boosted my mood. It made a chore I wasn’t thrilled to be doing so much more enjoyable and it inspired me to cultivate a list of other favorites. I highly recommend doing this! Make a list of the songs, from all genres, that uplift, make you tear up, the tunes that move you. Happy to share mine with you, I titled the playlist – things that fill me up!

Happy new year! xx

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always love these mood boards and this one feels so fresh for 2020! xx