Jenni Kayne Knits — chatting sizing / favorites

Hi hi! Okay, so it’s pretty clear that myself and mass majority of readers are all in the JK fan club. You guys won me a trip to the ranch house so feel forever indebted! So I am more than happy to be your go-to to chat through styling, favorites, and the most commonly asked question I get, sizing.

I shared this knit (I got size small!) a lot lately as it has quickly won its way to the very top of my favorites. I feel like Jenni has done an incredible job of dialing into her style strengths and continues to focus on quality over quantity. Everyone knows her pieces by name at this point it feels like. I have been really pleased to see her expanding her selection, though! Seeing new styles and materials (raffia!) has been quite fun. The latest launch really does it for me… so let’s chat faves and how I go about selecting sizes. (side note: I did a summer favorites roundup here too).

I feel that with most versatile pieces, it’s a personal judgement call. How will you wear this item most and how will the size ensure that? When it comes to knitwear for me, I always like a slight boyfriend fit. A little more room.

Sizing tips

For the more “relaxed” and oversized pieces from JK, I always do my true size, because I think they execute that roominess perfectly. However, when it comes to their more tailored knits/crop, I like to go one size up. I I think mainly for bust reasons, that extra fabric is the preference. Again, this is just my own thought process! I am most usually a size xs or small/4 on average. Here is an example of my sizing equation with JK knits:

For the long cocoon cardigans (her most oversized item IMO), I always do XS
For fisherman knits (the classic JK relaxed type knits), I do size small
For more tailored knits (more fitted/cropped), I do medium


Here are my current / longtime favorites (including the very best which is featured in the photo).


My code is always here to utilize when you need JK in your life—in stores and online! AshleyK15



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