Lady of leisure-ing with Williams Sonoma Home

As you know by now—I love slipcover furniture. It’s so romantic and gives me all the European vibes I crave. I can’t live there, but I can pretend. Williams Sonoma Home is such a favorite to look to for quality furniture with such beautiful fabric choices.

And let me vent for a sec re: rugs. I’ve had an embarrassing amount of trial and error with ordering jute and sisal online. It is ROUGH! But this one is so soft and lovely (see what I did there). I haven’t noticed any shedding either/love how the bottom has a rubber built-in pad so you don’t need to buy anything extra.

We have quite a big living room and I loved the idea of seating surrounding the coffee table, to remove the focal point from going to the tv. To be honest, tv doesn’t bother me, it is what it is… but I do think this setup helps to focus on what really matters…. the CHIC AF furniture…

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