More love, more light

I had another shape-shifting call with my creative/life coach this week—we call it *creative therapy*. We’ve only had two calls to start and an initial intro which was equally rewarding—but have already covered so much ground and were met with a few breakthroughs, too. So impressed and inspired by her—in case anyone is interested in working with someone like this, I can link her details here. She is actually one of the first local creatives I met when living in SF back in the day!

She shared this gals’ guided meditations on Insight Timer and I woke up early and listened to this one. It was so moving and beautiful! If you are going through any kind of life or personal change—big or small—this one in particular is a must listen! I told Jill that I haven’t gotten into the guided meditations enough to where it’s a natural weekly habit, and she said this girl was the catalyst for her to love it and integrate it into her daily life more. The only thing I got distracted by, was how many times I wanted to pause and grab my notepad to write down her artfully articulated sentiments! She is a stunning writer, which always has my attention. Instead I will pass along the material for you to soak up on your own. And truly, there were too many magic moments… really the whole thing took my breath away.

Closing notes I loved—

Now is the time to create in the name of all you long for.

More love, more light, more everything that makes your heart sing.

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  1. I love Insight Timer! Definitely going to check these ones out! Would love to hear more about your coaching experience, too! Have you shared about it before?

    1. Hi! The app is new to me, but I am loving it. I haven’t dove into the subject quite yet as it’s fairly new, but I definitely would be happy to! It’s been such a rewarding experience.

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing these guided meditations – they truly are so beautiful.

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