Musings: Embellished

The year I got married, I fell in love with a pair of pvc bedazzled heels. Over the years, they have remained a favorite and have been worn far beyond our nuptials. Every single time I slip into them, they bring me so much joy. If that isn't the most rewarding part of fashion, I don't know what is!

I started to notice the trend pop back up again this summer—and in mesh form, too—which I very much enjoy! As I still reach for the heels that started it all any chance I get—flats give me more room to inject into my everyday outfits. So my bedazzled collection has grown.

While trends come and go—there are always things that enter your closet and end up staying with you. They become a signature to your style. This is how style identities are born. Experimenting, following your gut, leaning into what makes you feel most like yourself, and most importantly—enjoying the process of getting dressed.

A little edit of embellished favorites of late here


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