Thoughts on Personal Style

19 March

My style in 3 words: comfortable, effortless, and refined.

Denim is a major staple, I love to have a full drawer of basics to reach for to layer, and I live in mostly flats. I like to strike a balance between easy/effortless, but put together at the same time. I am inspired by Parisienne classic minimalism, Danish flirty dressing, coupled with west coast ease.

Your personal style continues to evolve throughout your life with age, as trends come and go, discovering new brands and designers, and as you learn what works best for you! I am still defining and refining my style day by day, but I have realized what makes me feel the best and how I continue to keep my closet feeling well-loved and worn. As promised, I am here to help dissect the process of how I curate my closet… I hope this is helpful in some way!

My Style Formula

The 3 things I ask myself when assessing a new purchase: is this comfortable, does it flatter me/my body, is this versatile? I realized that back in the day I would see something on a model online and would order it and it was completely different on me. I would keep it anyway because I loved the idea of it, and would end up being untouched. Sometimes things just don’t work out, so make sure you truly love something before taking the tag off. Start to make note of why you love the certain things you do! For me, it usually has to do with the fit/cut/quality.

I never like to look too polished. For example, if I am wearing a nice wrap dress, I will wear less makeup and keep my hair wavy/undone. I’ll par it down with flats or converse to ground the look a bit more, too. There have been times where I put on big statement earrings with a more elevated outfit and I end up taking them off and tossing them in my purse within a few minutes of being out. I just don’t feel like myself when I am too *fancy. I usually like to let one item of the look/outfit really sing.

My Top 6 Essentials & Basics



Denim that you feel your best in. I have a lot of jeans and I am recently noticing how much I gravitate to a certain few pairs. I feel my best when jeans stay true to shape and have a bit of stretch. I love me some vintage Levi’s though, so finding a good tailor is key. If you ever find a pair of jeans that you love everything about them except they could fit a tiny bit different, get them tailored! Jeans can last you ages, so it’s always worth it when finding a key pair.

Favorites: Velvet by Graham & Spencer Twiggy Jeans | MIH Daily High Rise Jeans | I also always love jeans from J Brand



For (slightly) oversized tees, I am obsessed with The Great. I have this one called “The Slim Tee” (pictured) in 3 colors and they are by far my favorite loose fitted tees. I can’t recommend them more, you will fall in love, too! True to size and perfectly roomy (I go with size 1). I also have it in washed white and washed black. These are a soft, thicker cotton… you can just tell they are high quality at first glance.

For everyday tees, I love Rag & Bone. I have this style in all 3 colors and I recommend going up a size (or even 2!). I also really like the looks of this one, just added to my wishlist. These are soft and light and I love how the sleeve are a tiny bit shorter.

For ribbed tees, you know all about my love for BLDWN (who recently rebranded, btw).

I also just got this ribbed tank and LOVE it. I have been eyeing things from Enza Costa for a while, new fan.


Denim Jacket(s)

I live in denim jackets, I have them in every neutral/denim hue! My one thing about denim jackets is the same thing with jeans… the fit and cut matters. There are millions of jean jackets floating around the web, but not all are equal. I always order 2 sizes to try on to see which fit suits me best. I personally love a little oversized, but sometimes that means the arms are super bulky (in which I have gone to the tailor in the past when I couldn’t part ways with the rest of the jacket). I usually don’t wear blue denim jackets with blue jeans, I just don’t think I pull it off well, but I do mix black denim with blue jean denim!

I love denim jackets from Levis, Agolde (pictured), and Goldsign.


Leather Jacket

I love my BLDWN leather jacket, which is sadly sold out now, but definitely keep an eye out. I think this is a staple from their collection, and it has come back in stock a few times. I also love IRO leather jackets! I personally look for clean cuts with a few moto details, but not too much. I like my leather jacket to look clean and minimal, and a little oversized as well.


Flirty Statements

These are things that speak for themselves in my closet when teamed with simple basics! The fun prints, shapes, fabrics, and pops of color. I love a subtle ruffle sleeve, a slip dress/skirt, a ditsy floral print, and you know all about my love of wrap dresses.

I usually gravitate to similar color schemes (we all have *our colors), which usually comes down to neutrals, navy, poppy red, magenta here and there, and every so often green. My advice for collecting pieces you genuinely love and keep forever is to bookmark your favorite designers and join their mailing lists! I like to invest in quality at this point in my life, so 1 nice statement piece every 4-6 months. I do add some Mango/Zara pieces in the mix each season as well!

Always check your favorite designer’s sales on their websites, they are usually a lot cheaper than on retailers! I also usually pop a brand and style name into google to check and see if they are cheaper elsewhere, or if they are on a website which is holding any special discounts.

I have a folder on my bookmark bar (Google Chrome) and I save all of my top favorite retailers/brands/designers to check on. Here is a handful of top of mind faves:

Nanushka | Diane Von FurstenbergUlla Johnson | Apiece Apart | Tibi | Mara Hoffman | Veronica BeardIRO

I also love browsing more under the radar unique retailers to find fun pieces and also to discover new emerging brands! A few favorites:

Bona Drag | The Modist | Maimoun | The Drive | Garmentory | Primary NYC

**Post coming soon: where I shop for what…


Effortless Shoes & Accessories

For shoes–I live in my converse, mules (these and these I wear constantly), booties (I shared a whole post here of my favorites), and this time of year sandals! I usually go for neutral, super comfortable and flattering. A handful of favorites below:

As for accessories, I don’t dabble too much but love simple jewelry. I did a post somewhat recently here, where I touched on some of my top favorites. I also love my initial necklaces and wear them every day.

Now let’s talk hats! I have tried a handful of brands, but nothing has compared to Janessa Leoné. I have 5 of her hats and I adore them all… you can just see and feel the quality in the fabric, cut and how they fit nice and snug on your head. My favorites are the Adriana, Simone, Jade, and Jodi!

So there we have it! My wardrobe basically revolves around versatile key pieces that can be reinvented in many ways. Quality basics are the building blocks. Jackets and shoes bring the look together. And all the fun statements make an outfit sing. As I continue to add things to my closet (and the pages of BoC), I will make a more thoughtful approach to sharing how I decide on each piece, why I love it, and how I plan to wear it. My wardrobe right now has such a great solid foundation, and I look forward to collecting more fun pieces this spring!

It’s all about finding the brands that you love and believe in and pieces that make you feel your absolute best.

If you have any question, feel free to drop them below! x