My Week in Pictures 2.7.22

I am going to need to frame these photos. This was from Friday at sunset, as we waited on pizza delivery!

I mentioned here how I have noticed such a special bonding between me and G lately (Matt feels it with her too!). She’s at such a fun age. So curious, silly, always giggling, just about crawling (holy f I am about to have my hands full, this girl is v determined!), and just giving us all the love. Eating it all up! Details of my dress coming this week—I want to get a better shot of it / have a lot to say about it! Stay tuned.

In love with our backyard. It is coming together so nicely—feels like a European retreat, which was the goal (always). Will be sharing more of it soon in the next few weeks as the last pieces of the puzzle come together.

Love this. Love them.

I had missed the SF Flower Mart so much. I popped in on Friday and it was bustling and bountiful!

So, stranger danger (at her dr office in this photo) is kind of great for moms—the clinging to me for dear life is just heart-melting! Just a phase but I will take it.

Going to eat her.

More of this. You know why!

A few more sweet moments…

I go through phases where I get really into cooking and teaching myself new things. In a big one right now and loving it.

So, postpartum gods have gifted me a gluten intolerance but thankfully our favorite pizza spot in Lafayette has great GF options. Heirloom potato 4eva.

From our fun Saturday lunch in-between yard work and house projects. I needed a week to just immerse myself into these kinds of projects and spend time doing things that fill my cup. Feeling all kinds of energy now! Hope you’re having a good week so far! x

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