My Week in Pictures 4.12.21

The last few weeks I’ve been adjusting to third trimester happenings and it’s been such a pivot from the second trimester. My body has been like clockwork with the waves of pregnancy, so I wasn’t surprised to feel a little energy zap! So happy that I tackled as much as I did in the last couple of months because I don’t think I could accomplish as much in my current energy state. I’ve slowly acclimated to my new big belly and taking care of myself and preparing for our little lady!

I was reading an interview recently and a new mom was talking about how the end of her pregnancy was her favorite. This surprised me because I feel like I’ve always heard words of the last bit as the most uncomfortable… and just feeling ready for the baby to make a debut! She was saying how she loved the feeling of being so close to meeting her baby and took the time to slow down, nourish and pamper her body, spent time reading, and enjoyed a balanced approach to wellness. That has been my plan, too, so even though discomforts are definitely playing a toll, I choose to focus on the positive and enjoy the remaining season of what has been one of the most incredible things to happen to me.

Spending lots of time in our garden and patio terrace. Savoring sun-kissed days, reading over baby books, getting our last pieces of the nursery sorted, and just enjoying our last moments together before baby girl.

By the way, I have been asked a lot about planters lately. We have just been slowly collecting from local nurseries when we go to shop for plants! Sadly, I am unsure the maker, but in case you’re local, they’re mainly from Orchard and McDonnell!

Our home is feeling so nested and lovely! I keep telling Matt, I can’t believe the difference of our lives from early November (in the thick of house hunting) to now. We were a month or so into my pregnancy just feeling defeated by the buying market, and I just can’t believe how lucky we got to find this house and make it our own. Not only that, but just the timeline of everything leading up to our due date… things feel like they’ve had just the right amount of time to fall into place.

I mentioned in this post how each area of our home is its own individual vibe. All having unique charm and character but equal feelings of retreat! It’s calming and cheerful… I’ve been endlessly inspired watching it all evolve and shape into a space that simply makes us so happy. Your house is ready for you, baby girl!

Also something to note — I got more of the sage pillows from L&G (rectangle this time!) because I loved our bolster pillows so much. They’re the best!

I must say, I think it’s comical that I went into pregnancy style thinking I could pull off wearing a lot of my regular clothes. Because that is simply not how the cookie crumbled! Pun intended—my biggest craving.

So pregnant friends who are following along and trusted that direction, I am calling myself out right now. As of the third trimester, I’ve had to buy a handful of knit dresses / lounge to help see my though… in 2x sizes bigger than my usual size. It is such a trip! I look at my workout clothes that I haven’t been able to to fit into for awhile and they look tiny! Truly wild.

Anyway, I love this tank dress I got from Aritzia! Thinking about getting it in the ivory color, too…

A little sneaky peek at some of our new outdoor furniture! I can’t wait to show you everything soon. Our new concrete coffee table is to die for! So beautiful (kind of gives me a plaster vibe which you know I love) and will look incredible against the checks.

Our outdoor glasses are by Kartell (we also have this water glass style and this wine glass style)… completely obsessed with them. It was a random stumble and I am so happy they crossed my path! So up my street. Also, loving my pretty raffia pieces from Amanda Lindroth (on major sale, too!).

PSA. Good Eggs flower selection right now is so so good!

Most of my snaps lately have been little moments that struck me — namely good lighting and flowers (but what’s new?). I was a little tired the last couple of weeks and felt a bit cooped up with the renos, but feeling a surge of energy waking up to a new week, a yard to spend time in, and excited to soak up the beautiful weather ahead.

I have some fun post plans in the works that I think you’ll love this week, so stay tuned.

Have a wonderful day! x


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