My Week in Pictures 9.20.21

I know this is kind of an obvious statement, but I am obsessed with my daughter. She is SO fun right now. Such a silly, sweet personality, so loud and chatty, always smiling… I can’t get enough of her. I keep saying this but I really love being a mom.

You may know this about me, I have a mad love of half zip pullovers. I have a semi-ridiculous collection because they are just so easy to throw on each week and there are so many styles out there that are actually quite chic. Case in point—this one from Sézane

I have a big lounge post coming soon, but in the meantime in case you’re getting excited at the season shift and getting cozy, I also love to keep an eye on chic lounge things from Skin, Varley, The Great, and Monrow!

Reaping the benefits of our neighbors apple tree that hangs over some of our backyard, too!

The intoxicating scent of lilies is unmatched. So delicious!

I used to prefer them unopened (haha) because I didn’t like the little red parts that are on the inside but someone once told me you can easily grab them off with a paper towel… so we approve now. Pretty little things!

A quick snap of our arch mirrors new whereabouts. LOVE this view while sitting in our slip chair. Lately while taking in scenes from our home, I continue to think of the saying “simple, but significant”. Every detail of our home has been considered with great thought and is meaningful, versatile, and things we will treasure forever. To me, that’s when a house becomes a home and your space sings, when it was brought together with heart behind it.

Olives and pinot for happy hour this week while sitting out in our garden feels like vacation…

You guys sent in a bunch of book recommendations (whole book rec page here FYI!) and I am starting on The Paper Palace. It’s v juicy thus far…

I’ve never been a big beer person, but 21st Amendment Watermelon is one I love to sip a couple times each summer when the mood strikes. It’s always a treat to crack one open on a hot day, so yum.

Caption: you can just have whatever you want.


Have the best weekend! x


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