My Week in Pictures 9.27.21

In love with our new antique table — you know my love of baroque style legs—this table is such a beautiful mix of French x Spanish which is what I always gravitate to for our home. So fun and charming!

I mentioned this on stories, but Sunday marked 1 year from the day I found out I was pregnant. It had me transporting back in time and remembering that week so vividly. I had a really hard first trimester, so I also felt this rush of excitement to be able to actually experience this beautiful season and with my baby girl.

Autumn calls for the forever classics. Cashmere is definitely one of my love languages. Shared this outfit here.

One of my very favorite candles year round is by Cire Trudon (called Abd El Kader, it’s moroccan mint) and they make a mini but it always sells out SO quickly. I found them recently so wanted to share! SUCH a good gift to give as well, for holidays, a house warming, to someone hosting a big gathering. It is such an incredible, comforting, delicious scent. Can’t recommend it enough and forever will!

Made this delicious “fruit stand” salad by Ilana Goldwasser — I stumbled on her account this weekend and was so inspired! She’s a holistic nutritionist and wellness consultant and makes the most drool-worthy healthy meals. I have been in *such a recipe rut… we continue to buy our go-to normal things at the market but since we are a bit bored of our lineup, we end up wasting produce. I was needing to fall into an inspiration rabbit hole and Ilana’s account did just that. I bought her e-recipe book, too! Meal prepping for a few of her dishes this afternoon.

The coziest Lauren Manoogian pullover — I am such a sucker for a good pullover…

New cute little trinket dish from Etsy. We’ve been needing something for the sink area to place our rings in for when you hop in the shower. Obsessed with this cutie…

Grace has been SO fun lately. She is very content with her routine, so interactive, and quite loud! She is just always smiling, too, it’s the sweetest. I adore this age and am savoring it all.

She definitely looks like her daddy…

Scout is doing well over here, too! We went to a bbq this weekend and he was so sweet and protective over Grace. After having a baby, I am realizing that he is such an easy dog and so well-behaved! I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had a few breakdowns over not being able to give him as much of my attention as I would like to (quite yet), but have been working on this. Love this dood so much, he is the best.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead x


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