Home Collections: Crystal Glassware

Over the past couple of years, we’ve cultivated quite an impressive glassware collection. It actually wasn’t born out of intention, but after finding a couple I had to have, my eyes just kept on that crystal radar. Plus, once Matt and I moved in together a few years ago, it was fun to actually invest in nice things. It feels good to start fresh and make room for things that excite you.

Our San Francisco kitchen obviously doesn’t have the capacity for our pieces to multiply regularly, but I do plan on adding pretty gems every so often. It has become such a fun collection! I’m always browsing my favorite online shops and asking restaurants where their glasses are from– just added these to cart (thanks, Belga!).

I get so many compliments and questions about our glasses whenever I post a photo where a beverage is involved, so I wanted to share all the pretties in our cocktail/wine cabinet.

There’s just something extra satisfying when sipping a delicious cocktail from a glass that makes you happy… all my favorites below…



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