Outdoor Living: Chic Patio Umbrellas

Also hiiii!

A quick catch up. We found out baby girl is breech this past week and go in tomorrow to check again and have a version planned to try and turn her. One thing that pregnancy has taught me is to simply let go. Release any expectations and need for control, because it ain’t happening! So many parts about pregnancy I feel are an intro to motherhood. A wild ride. I am just following this little lady’s lead and just want her to arrive safely. That is all that matters!

We are on a 2 week countdown til her due date, potentially sooner now, so I will be enjoying this sunshine scene until she decides it’s time. I can’t wait!

I hope you have a lovely rest of your day! x



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  1. Thinking of you! My first baby was breech and I ended up having c-section, which was NOT at all what I had wanted, but it was not that bad and looking back, there are actually some nice pluses to it. That said, I do hope your version is successful. No matter which way your baby comes into the world, you will love her all the same. I enjoy following your blog and awaiting baby news!

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