Park Tavern’s Cucumber Cocktail

In anticipation of humpday and a beautiful weekend ahead, I thought I would share with you one of my favorite cocktails– The Mclaren from Park Tavern. I’m a very particular and picky cocktail sipper. I usually prefer a glass of wine, but sometimes you just can’t pass up a raved-about culinary creation. There are a few around San Francisco that I look forward to when visiting, and sometimes I attempt to make them at home myself.

I’m a big sucker for a cucumber cocktail. I usually will order something of this genre. Subtly sweet, refreshing, not too strong. They’re so light and refreshing and I mean– it almost tastes like you’re being healthy… you know?

I tried their recipe out and it is just so good. Very simple and few ingredients, so was a hard one to mess up. Here’s to making it halfway(ish) through the work week. I hope you enjoy… cheers!

1.5 oz Hendricks Gin
.5 oz fresh squeezed cucumber juice
half fresh squeezed lemon
1 cup ginger beer

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