Pretty Things for Your Garden

I spend so much time in our garden these days, it’s my favorite past time! It has been beyond words rewarding to see it come to life for the first time. It’s such a relaxing, therapeutic, and rewarding hobby even in the beginning when you have not a lot to show for! I have such a curiosity towards the process and just love to soak up all the learning experiences that come with it. I have been meaning to share some favorite garden things with you as I am asked often about aspects of ours — planters, trellis’, and the tools we use.

I created a little garden shop here, too, that I will continue to add to with time! Happy gardening, friends xx

P.S. The ‘Gardener’ sweatshirt that a friend got me for my birthday is one sale. It’s so cute, I love it!


garden gloves / woven bucket hat (go a size up!) / archway trellis / garden secateurs / terracotta planter (just got these and love them) / copper plant labels / watering can

Image sources top to bottom:
Mark D. Sikes
Cecilie Bahnsen


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