September Mood

September has made its debut with a bang! It’s currently 75º this morning in San Francisco and I’m already sweating. It’s supposed to hit 90º today, which will be the hottest day of the year and a very rare occasion for San Franciscans! I plan to take Scout to the park and am expecting to see a whole bunch of Ferris Buellers out there. I love September, it’s summer’s last hoorah! In case my mood-board isn’t obvious, I’m very much looking forward to our last big vacation of the year. We are going to Tulum in a couple of weeks, and I’m so excited! Matt has never been and it’s been a very long time since I visited. Pre-viral days, it was one of the most relaxing, beautiful, well-designed travel destinations I’ve ever been. I stayed in the heart of the town, at BE Tulum, ate at Hartwood, indulged in ocean-side hangs all day, and fell in love with Mexico. It’s such a magical place, so I’m counting down the days to spend some time with Matt and relax by the beach.

I’m looking forward to Indian Summer in the city (see you later, Fogust) and really relaxing this month before we *actually* can start talking about fall, for real. My best friend is moving to SF this weekend, too so lots of fun to be had. Take this month to treat yourself, read outside, make homemade lemonade, have lunch by the water. Enjoy it to the fullest, because we will miss the warmth on our shoulders in no time. Happy weekend/September, friends! x

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  1. Happy weekend Ashley!

    Completely agree – those last moment of sun ‘on your shoulders’ (as you so beautifully put!) are so precious! Enjoy your weekend and holiday coming up – it sounds heavenly!

    Also – what a killer mood board – love it!

    Monica xx

    1. Right, I feel like every September I treat summer a little differently. Bottling it all up this month before officially accepting fall. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! x

  2. Such a beautiful color palette! I feel that for us in the Bay Area summer is extended 🙂

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