Some favorite things as of late

Making it a mission of mine to document on my blog first (stories makes it easy but it’s a lazy habit, so fixing it!), so that everything I mention on social and ALL the things I really love and want to make note of are easy to reference! I mean, for many reasons, I need to prioritize my blog before anything else—I control this platform where as social media is out of my hands (read: IG latest glitch, links directing you back to Instagram). So instead of blowing you up on stories and half of you not being able to access these links, they will live here.

A list of things making me happy, doing wonders on my skin, or clearing my mind

〰️ First, it had been awhile since I slipped into my Chanel ballet flats. I got them a year or so ago and are such a great investment. They are SO comfortable and beautiful. I feel so put together wearing them with super simple basics. Can’t say enough good things if you’re looking to buy a designer flat this season.

〰️ I mentioned this morning how I have been doing the same routine the last 10 days and I am noticing a significant difference in my skin, energy, mood, and overall health. Will list them all again below…

  • If I wake up before Grace, I will meditate (do a TBM DI, referenced this in my Editor’s Note this week if you have no idea what this means) and/or will write morning pages (journal 2 pages, anything that comes to your mind. A brain dump)
  • Use a tiny dab of this cleanser to rinse my skin before applying my serum + spf
  • Ice water with ting powder and chlorophyll drops to bring with me for drop off / a nature walk
  • 3 mile walk (sometimes a podcast or a friend catch up call)
  • Healthy smoothie (coconut water, frozen wild blueberries, avocado, banana, ground flax, chia seed, lion’s mane powder)
  • Hot bath or shower before I get to work (usually around 10am)

〰️ I just bought this pair of everyday sneakers, which feels so nostalgic! One of the first pairs of shoes I remember having are the black pair with the brown rubber bottoms

〰️ Really craving basics lately teamed with a favored accessory! I was in denial that my style would change when becoming a mom… and while I think it’s very much still the same in terms of things that catch my eye and designers I am devoted to, my pov around purchases has changed a bit. Rather than getting statement pieces that are great for city life, I am really falling back on the basics. Tees, simple knits, denim. And I’m learning that my love of shoes, jackets, bags, and accessories in general has grown so much more, because this is my way of  elevating the outfit. That said… a few favorite basic buys lately:

〰️ I had dinner with a friend this week and she was raving for like 10 minutes about this collagen, so I ordered it. She’s been using for 6 months and said has noticed big difference in her skin, nails, and hair

〰️ She also convinced me to buy this Westman Atelier highlighter stick, she looked so glowy! Added this translucent powder to cart, too.

〰️ I am so sad, I think I losta pair of my Bottega sunglasses over the last couple months on one of our trips, I can’t find them anywhere. I love the gold frame so much, so decided to give these a go. Will share more once they arrive, but they look so cute on the model I am hoping for the best!

〰️ I got this Toteme coat last season and as I was cleaning out my closet got so excited to wear it again! Just wanted to make note if anyone is in need of a forever camel jacket, this one is such a beauty. Also noticed that my scarf jacket comes in a few different color variations now! I also really love this camel one, if you prefer a shorter jacket…

〰️ Just ordered this simple silk dress for fall to team with cardigans

K more fall style chat to come — did save tons in some of my Pinterest board folders (1 / 2 / 3) as well as on my style shop! xx


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