It is with great joy that I introduce you to The Studio 〰️ a private membership dedicated to helping you dial into your style, train your eye, and collect new ideas, tips, and special pieces that will uplift your life and home.

I will be sharing a bit more of me and my approach to sourcing and styling, methods and tips for vintage hunting and am also looking at this space as a way to connect on a more personal level. Our community forum has taken on a life of its own and has become such an incredibly valuable resource for design and style ideas as well as a way for the community to connect with one another.

By joining, you will gain access to a private Instagram account, a private community forum, a secret Pinterest board, and our latest launch—a monthly e-magazine—all brimming with exclusive content, ideas, and inspiration. The best is yet to come.

The annual membership is $100 via Paypal—billed as an automatic subscription each year.

steps to joining

1. Please send payment via Paypal here

2. Request to follow @ashleykanestudio

3. *Fill out form below to confirm your email / IG handle / payment are all aligned.


Once payment is sent and we collect your form details, you will be approved into The Studio Instagram community. Thank you for being here, excited to have you join in! xx



Can you sign up at any point of the year?


Yes — you can join anytime! We launched on March 12, 2021 and have been slowly collecting story highlights as well to reference previous content.


What inspired creating a membership?


For the past year, I've been wanting to create a bit more exclusivity with some of the things that I share for close-knit readers. At first I was looking into creating a subscription-based aspect of my website, which is my goal for fall 2021. A reader actually gave me the idea to utilize social media platforms, which I felt was a good way to ease into this new endeavor and feel out how I’d like it to evolve.

I receive countless messages a day asking more in-depth questions about style / design / my point of view, so wanted to be able to better manage how I allocate time to getting back to these kinds of inquiries. I have been blogging since I was 15 and have been running my current lifestyle site for 10 years, and I felt it was time for me to change the way certain aspects of my time and perspective are valued.

I also noticed that I started to feel a little hesitance with sharing *everything I wanted to as social media can be a bit deflating with feeling like you give a lot of yourself away—but this is a safe space where there will be no holding back.

I have always been the type of person who is so excited to send a note over to friends immediately upon stumbling upon an incredible discovery/new design hack etc... this group has access to *all the things* up my sleeve...


Are you planning to offer personalized design advice?


The membership is not an interior / style consulting membership, however, it is an open door conversation and I am happy to help with on the surface design advice.

A few examples—if you are debating between a few product options. Sharing my thoughts on if a vintage piece you came across is worth it. Things like this, I am more than happy to help with!


Will everything with the membership be shared through Instagram?


Right now, @ashleykanestudio on Instagram is the main guide and resource.

Members also become a contributor on our AK Studio secret Pinterest board which will house weekly product roundups and will have access to a private community forum I’ve created. Again, then next plan is a log-in based member website.


Will you give me a gist of what the content on the private account will look like?


Everything I share with members is a more in-depth approach to sharing my perspective and process with design, style, and my philosophy: to make living itself an art.

You can expect to see tips / styling advice / discoveries and design muses within the in-feed posts. Stories will vary, but I plan to share as I go and highlight vintage finds, product roundups, a closer look into my process with curating pieces for home and closet, styling videos, in-depth design Q&A's, and more. Pinterest is a resource for browsing through products that I have curated for members.

The community forum has blown my mind—the amount of connecting, sharing, and advice offered and contributed by members has been the sweetest thing. So much goodness comes from this group in whole!

We are calling it "The Founder's Club" as I am looking at this new beginning as way to connect with members and use their feedback and interests as a conduit for the membership's evolution. We are building it out together!

My goal is to be a fun resource and guide to training your eye, shaping your unique personal style, and cultivating ideas and tips to uplift your life.


Would the membership work if I'm in the UK?


Yes! I will definitely be keeping location in mind when it comes to product sourcing. A lot of the pieces I uncover on Etsy and eBay actually come from Europe... where all the best things come from. :)