It’s that time of year when I feel the urge to amp up my makeup routine. I love a bold lip and a little shimmer for this particular season shift–on date nights with Matt, catching up with girlfriends, or fun evening events. When it comes to lipstick I always gravitate to a couple of hues. It’s funny, they are the same go-to colors for manicures. Either a nude-y peach pink (all year long) or a vibrant red. I love a tangerine pop, especially in the midst of summers transition to fall when my tan is still holding up. What’s chicer than a bronze glow, punchy lip, subtle nude/golden eyelid teamed with a leather jacket. So Sienna. 

I love the Clé de Peau makeup range… I swear by their bronzer and these new cashmere lipsticks are soft, longlasting and come in such beautiful colors. Highly recommend if you’re in need of a fun pop this fall. My preference for achieving the perfect orange-red lip is to start with a deep classic red (Legend is such a gorgeous shade) and then to brighten it up and give it more of the tangerine pop, I use a gloss or a light swipe of another lipstick with a bit more of an orange tinge. These two are my favorite power pairing for a bold lip. I like this method because I can control the color a bit more and make sure it suits my skin tone (tan to no tan makes a big difference in the amount of orange I go for!).

Also, quick side note…I was cleaning out my beauty closet recently and realized I have a pretty good collection of eyeshadow palettes so have been experimenting a bit. Going to share some of my favorite colors and palettes in the next week or so. Stay tuned…


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So cute Ash. Love that top with the lip contrast. I want to try those lip shades!

Thank you!! This color would look amazing on you!