The One Where We Got Engaged

Matt has always had a way of surprising me, but this was his best yet. His proposal was the most romantic, meaningful, and butterfly-filled moment of my life. It completely (actual shock) caught me off guard and wearing this ring still feels so surreal. It was in true Matt fashion, incredibly sweet and thoughtful. The moving parts that fell into place seamlessly brought to life a moment in time I’ll always treasure. The day may be hard to put into words how epically it unfolded, but I’ll do my best…

Matt and I drove up to his parent’s house in North Lake Tahoe the day after Christmas to spend a week and celebrate NYE with good friends. Emily and Kevin were arriving the next day, and Danielle, Vinnie, and Adam came the following morning. On December 28th when everyone made it to the cabin, we woke up early and quickly got ready for a day on the mountain. Since Tahoe rebelled against our winter wonderland plans with no snow, we did some research on which mountains had the best man-made snow and more runs open. I had my heart set on Diamond Peak, a smaller mountain about 5 minutes away. When Matt and I first started dating we celebrated my 27th birthday there and wine tasted at Snowflake Lodge, one of the most beautiful views I’ve seen of Lake Tahoe. We went back and forth on everyone’s preferences (a strategic *spirited debate*), but ended up deciding on Diamond Peak.

Like clockwork, after about run 4 I was ready for some aprés ski delights, but everyone talked me into doing a couple more while the snow was still fluffy. We made our way up and down the slopes a couple more times and then hopped on a chairlift to Snowflake Lodge. Adam, who arrived at the top a bit earlier for a “work call”, snagged us the most perfectly central table with a sweeping view of the lake. We ordered lunch, sat down, and toasted to a fantastic day and a fun week of celebrating ahead. All of the sudden, I noticed a man with his guitar playing music just a few feet away from our table. The night before we had gone to Lone Eagle Grill and another man was playing music there, so I exclaimed “this is great! everywhere we go we have someone serenading us!“…

He starts his next song and I hear “Marryyyy Me” (by Train) which I thought was an interesting choice but still it didn’t 100% click. Matt grabbed my hand and asked me to come with him, so we stood up and that’s when I realized, oh my god. This is happening! Words of love and excitement about our life together and future start pouring out. At this point, I was melting and just remember feeling so complete, surprised, full, wholehearted and enamored. He got down on his knee, looked up at me, asked me to marry him, and opened up a box with the most beautiful, glimmering ring. ‘YES!’ is what I forgot to say before slipping the ring on my hand and wrapping my arms around him. It was all so surreal! I assured him my answer was of course, YES shortly after. I didn’t know you could be this happy!

I feel so lucky I get to marry my best friend. Thank you, everyone, for all your kind messages–we are so excited!

little did I know… { the BTS }

There were a couple { behind the scene } details that I think are important to mention…

The night before the proposal, Matt, Kevin, Emily and I went to Lone Eagle Grill for dinner. There was a man singing with his guitar, which I learned was Tahoe Luke, a *legend* up in North Lake. After dinner, Kevin went and asked him if it was possible to hire him to come up to Snowflake Lodge and perform a few songs while Matt got down on his knee the next day. I did not put two and two together that afternoon at the lodge– hence, my comment about the serenading pattern… props to those who didn’t laugh in that moment of me not being very observant! In my defense, he was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses the second time around. It was incredibly pulled off!

The reason why they all kept insisting on a couple more ski runs, is because Tahoe Luke was running a bit late. He ended up taking a chairlift up in his shoes with speakers, guitar, etc. just in time to set up before we walked over to the table after ordering lunch. Well done, guys!

A very special thank you to our friends who were apart of this day and for the effort they put in as well–it was amazing to have people we love around to celebrate with all week. It really was the very best day! xx

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  1. Ah how thoughtful and sweet! Congratulations!!!!! So happy for you, Matt, and Scout 🙂

  2. ahhh such a wonderful story! matt did well 😉 congrats again love! can’t wait to follow along on all of your wedding planning adventures, which I’m sure will be fabulous.

  3. What a beautiful and sweet story. I loved the video. Congrats again and I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait to follow along in the planning process. xo Amira

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